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Fitness Assessments

Carrying of regular exercises and diet plans without any measurable and achievable goals are of no boon. Following are the assessments a trainer or a coach should compulsorily be carrying out when assessing the client.

Last updated: 21.06.2019
Fitness Assessment | Sports Social Blog

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Physical fitness is generally carried out to attain mental toughness, create a healthy lifestyle, create an ability to perform various elements in sports and also supports in daily activities. Progress of an individual lies to oneself. Physical activity is essential for the development of an overall personality in a child which would eventually depend on the assessment and the opportunities that would be provided. An owner or a trainer needs to keep a track on an individual assessment where the child or an adult in order to track the improvement and mold the further activity plans.

A good personal trainer would know that carrying of regular exercises and diet plans without any measurable and achievable goals are of no boon to the athlete or the individual who is carrying out the exercises.

Following are the assessments a trainer or a coach should compulsorily be carrying out when assessing the client be a sports player, regular working individual or a child who is just trying to learn the sport.


  1. Body Mass Index (BMI)

  • Body Mass Index uses the height and the body of an individual. However, this comes with certain limitations.

  • This Assessment should not be considered for an athlete as every athlete requires a certain amount of Body – Fat ratios and would, therefore, consider them as underweight or overweight.

  • However, it provides an excellent indicator of whether the person’s weight falls within a normal range.

  • In order to have accurate BMI, the coach should try hydrostatic weighing.

  • Following are the categories which are concluded when the BMI is calculated.

  • Underweight = <18.5

  • Normal weight = 18.5–24.9

  • Overweight = 25–29.9

  • Obese = 30 or greater

  1. Body Composition Assessments

  • In this type of Assessment Skinfold Testing has to be considered and girth measures as well.

  • It should be made sure that the measurements are recorded and are then measured on a Bi-Weekly basis which can help in to determine the progress of the individual.

  1. Performance Assessments

  • When the individual gets in touch with the coach for the 1st time, the coach needs to form baseline data in order to determine the Performance Progression of an individual.

  1. Power Tests – When an individual comes in 1st time for the assessment, the selected weight should be 75% of the client’s 1 Rep Max and had them perform as many reps as they can. In order to determine the Progress, the coach will load in the same weight and tell the individual to repeat the test to failure and accordingly record the steps.

  1. Strength Tests – Can be defined as the maximum amount of weight a person can lift in one repetition. One repetition maximum can also be used as an upper limit, in order to determine the desired "load" for an exercise (as a percentage of the 1RM).

  1. Cardiovascular Fitness

  • Calculate the heart rate and oxygen rate during a normal workout for a duration of 5 – 6 minutes.

  • Aerobic Activity which is known as VO2 max is the measure of the heart and lungs ability to transport the oxygen-rich blood to the exercising muscles.

Following are the benefits of Regular Fitness Assessments

  1. Identification of Health Risk & Injury Risks

  2. Identification of Weakness and Strengths

  3. Talent Identification

  4. Track and Evaluate Progress

  5. Increase Business

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