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Captain Deadlifts and its benefits

DEADLIFT commonly called as the king of all exercises. Here are a few of the benefits an individual would obtain by doing deadlifts.

Last updated: 26.04.2019
Captain Deadlifts and it benefits | Sports Social Blog

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‘Working Chest, delts, biceps, etc. work approximately 10% of your overall lean body mass. Working hard on Deadlifts or squatting works more like 70% of your musculature at once and sends a strong message to your body to get better at growing now’ – Wesley Silveria


DEADLIFT commonly called as the king of all exercises. Extensively known as ‘KING’ as it creates a major impact and also dominates on almost all the muscle groups in the body. It not only builds confidence but also when it is carried out correctly it brings out desired changes with a great sense of positivity. Deadlifts are a type of exercises which are considered to be one of the big compound exercises. As it is mentioned, it forms a part of a whole body workout. It is very difficult to convince people that it is one of the safest exercises to perform. Barring any physical injury or any medical conditions, any individual can carry out deadlifts without any difficulties.

There was a quote which I read on Twitter, ‘Deadlift can turn Men into Boys, Wussies into Warriors’. However, this exercise is avoided by a large number of people as they consider lifting heavy during deadlifts could be injurious to health and would take a toll on the body majorly the back on a long term basis. Few of the gyms do not even take efforts to build in a deadlift platform which discourages the people who actually wants to perform the lift.

Here are a few of the benefits an individual would obtain by doing deadlifts.

1.   Improves & corrects posture, core stability, and core strength

•    Deadlifts help to attain a core of iron. Deadlifts have a direct effect on the muscles build up around the core area.

•    A strong core would directly relate to a strong and erect posture

•    Deadlifts would eventually help to hold on to the erect posture for a longer duration when an individual sits, stands or carries out any sedentary movements

2.    Increased hormone production, boost muscle growth, improve natural growth.

•    Growth hormones are majorly produced by a pituitary gland which is concerned with bone strength, muscle growth and also acts as a supporting factor for weight loss. Exercises like the deadlifts promote the production of growth hormone

•    Along with the growth hormone, testosterone production which is a primary anabolic hormone concerned with the growth of muscle tissue and muscle repair. High repetition of deadlifts with light weights stimulates the same.

3.    Improves state of mind, mood and increase confidence.

•    Lifting heavy weights take in a lot of will power, strength and practice to perfect the exercise which has to be performed at a gym.

•    Powerlifting is an element which tests the maximum strength of an individual on a bench, squat and namely deadlifts.

•    Now imagine an individual having a bad day at the office or dealing with stress or any emotional disturbances in his/her daily life. The individual goes to the gym with all his stress in the mind, ties up the shoes, put in the headphones and rack up the plates with all that frustration in the mind. When you finally lift up that One Rep Max and put down the bar, the feeling improves the state of mind, mood builds in confidence.

4.    Increases grip strength

•    In earlier days, people used to lift heavy i.e. carry loads which automatically used to build in strength in the arms are forearms which eventually lead up to a firm grip strength where not the desired results attained.

•    When a deadlift is carried or performed without arm wraps, it could be one of the excellent exercises to attain a firm grip strength due to the direct weight involved in the process.

•    Lifting objects from the ground or pushing and pushing items or materials requires a great grip so that the activities are carried out effortlessly.

•    Also, a firm handshake leaves a lasting experience on the opposite individual.

5.    Risk-free Exercise

•    A lot of individuals ignore deadlifts thinking that it could be an exercise that would be injurious, but this mind set is absolutely wrong.

•    When an individual carries out a deadlift with a proper technique, unlike bench-press, leg extensions; there is never a possibility of getting pinned down by the equipment.

•    The deadlift will never put stress on the bones and muscles

6.    Nearly a whole body workout, also all the muscle groups are worked

•    When an individual involves deadlift in a combination of other exercises, it helps in to increase strength and overall flexibility.

•    When a deadlift is carried out, almost all of the body parts namely the legs, chest, arms which comes under use for carrying out deadlifts efficiently.

7.    Increases Fat Burning

•    As mentioned above, the deadlift is all in one exercise which triggers or enhances the muscles to carry out exertion and to sweat it out.

•    When exertion is done, it involves muscle fibres and more movements which therefore leads to fat burning.

8.    Minimum Equipment’s required

•    When considering deadlifts, what are the requirements an individual needs to carry out the exercise

1.    An Olympic Bar

2.    Weights

3.    Will Power

•    As a result, a Deadlifts gives maximum results with minimum needs

Surprising isn’t it? We hear a lot of trainers telling their clients to skip one of the compound exercises. From creating an old man grip strength to an overall strength like a Thanos from the Avengers – Deadlift gives us all.

It is true, it is extremely difficult to convince people that exercise is totally safe to perform, but knowing that the above benefits would change the mind of a lot of individuals. Starting off with light weights would be an excellent alternative instead of going for a heavy deadlift with an improper shape.

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