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Cooling Down Post the Burn

It is noted that our body pumps 400 – 600% more blood that required when the body is in an active state. Cooling Down post exercise hence become a regular phenomenon. Here are the major benefits of cooling down post exercise.

Last updated: 21.05.2019
Cooling Down Post the Burn | Sports Social Blog

Whenever you carry an exercise or carry out a running session, post the session the next day usually there is a feeling of soreness, fatigue and a demotivation factor due to the pain and fatigue in our body. Sometimes Athletes either beginners or experienced ones do carry out warming up exercises in order to give that adrenaline rush to the body but are always tempted to skip that post-workout activity due to the tiredness or causality towards the same. However, there are several reasons why an individual should not consider skipping that activity.

Exercises usually activate the nervous system in our body which usually provide an adequate amount of energy system flow in our body i.e. the part of the nervous system that is responsible for body’s ‘active and de-active’ mode. It is noted that our body pumps 400 – 600% more blood that required when the body is in an active state.

Usually exercises increases in individual blood pressure rate, heart pumping rate, and the arteries redirect the blood flow to the heart, brain and the rest of the body elements which are included in the phase to keep the body maintained during this phase. Usually, people know that warming up avoids injuries, increases flexibility and prepare the overall body, but, they do not know that warming down has the same effect as well. Our body produces a huge amount of lactic acids during exercise and if proper cooling down activities is not carried out, it could lead to injuries that could sideline an athlete for the rest of his career.

Here are the Major Benefits of Cooling down Post Exercise:

1.     Prevents Muscle Soreness – We usually experience soreness or stiffness in our body post an exercise session. With the help of the trainer of an individual who has an idea about cooling down activities, it can be a great exercise to prevent soreness in the body.

2.     Heart Rate Normality – When an individual carries out exercise causes the heart rate to increase which also accelerates the body accordingly. So if an individual who does not take an effort to bring his condition or his heart rate condition to a normal stage, there is always a risk of the individual to faint or can get a situation of light-headedness.

3.     Breathing Control – As mentioned above, exercises cause heart rate to increase where the individual breathes in heavily to cope up the pressure around him. As the heart rate increases, the breathing intensifies accordingly. This basically indicates that the body is working hard and is in calorie burning phase. Basically cooling down helps the body to bring down the breath to the same rhythm i.e. in the same condition at the start.

4.     Improves Relaxation – What do an individual gain post an exercise. 1. Confidence in achieving the goal that you have decided. 2. Knowing that you can achieve more than that has done. Therefore relaxing your body can promote positivity and puts the body to a hibernate mode

5.     Prevents Injuries – Well this is a simple relation, as Warming Up helps in prevention of injury cooling down does the same trick. As mentioned above, lactic acid formation promotes muscle fatigues and makes the body stiff and easily destructible. In order to achieve that indestructible body, Cooling Down is essential.

Here are a few methods of cooling down post-exercise:

Usually, a stretching down exercise could last anywhere between 4 – 12 minutes

1.     Stretching the body parts post exercises, mainly those which were involved during the activity.

2.     Do two things at once i.e. Stretch Hands and Legs Together i.e. put in a combination.

3.     Yoga could be an excellent cooling down exercise.

4.     Slow walking for about 5 – 10 minutes

5.     Inclusion of Breathing Exercises can do a quick trick for the same.

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