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Sports Science: Its key areas and how it can help prevent injuries?

Sports Science is the study of science in regards to sporting and fitness activities. The main focus of sports science is to do SWOT analysis of athletes. We look at it’s key areas and how it can help prevent injuries?

Last updated: 22.12.2021
Sports Science and its key areas

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What Is Sport Science?


It is the study of science in regards to sporting and fitness activities. The main aim of sport science is incline towards helping and enhancing performance, and endurance in preparation for leagues, events and competitions while mitigating the risk of injury.


The main focus of sports science is to do SWOT analysis of athletes which is used to design training programs for athletes’ individually; ranging from kid to elderly one.


Sports Scientist


Sports Scientists ensure that athletes are keeping themselves posted with latest training procedures, testing, and preparation. These sports scientists are immensely experienced Sport Science staff, who can give fact and data based interventions to athletes to enhance performance.


Some Areas include:

  • Sport specific testing

  • Movement screenings

  • Injury prevention and corrective exercise prescription

  • Strength and conditioning

  • Program design and monitoring

Key Sciences:

Sports science covers four main key sciences;

1.     Psychology

2.     Physiology

3.     Biometrics 

4.     Motor control/learning


The psychological needs of physical performance,activities can evaluate if an athlete is in the right direction to procure success and get optimal output.



Physiology is inclined towards the way that the human body functions while doing exercise and training.


Biometrics is the science of measuring,assessing and studying biological data. For example:studying hormone and glucose levels.

Motor Control/Learning

Motor control/ learning is inclined towards the method focussing on how an individual is able to organise their motor skills. By these, motor control individual can move precisely, while deducting energy consumption focussing on avoiding injury.


Sports Science and Physical Education

Sports science is applied in schools, districts, sports associations,federations and recreational departments. Notably, it is considered as a resource which helps athlete levelling up their performance. It has given new ways on the method of how an athlete workout. Athletes are now can get access to get data on endurance, performance,technique and more. And hence,this data can be evaluated with previous data and help improve performance.



Sports Science Helping to mitigate Injuries

Severe injuries can pull athletes out of the display for years and can even end the career of starplayers. On that note, Sports science has put methods to help prevent avoidable injuries.


How to use sport science to prevent injury:


Some muscles must be stretched before the beginning and after finishing a workout to mitigate injuries. Notably, to be more effective, stretching has to be done in a correct manner. Stretching performed in a wrong manner could really cause damage.

Warming Up and Cooling Down

Warming up makes your body prepare to do exercise and physical training. A warm-up relaxes your joints and muscles while slightly increase your heart rate at consistent pace. Also, cooling down puts your heart rate down at similar consistent pace.

Proper Training

Following a proper designed training programme related to your physiology and performance goals assist in decimating injury.

Build Your Workout Gradually

Following VO2 Max and threshold testing and assessing them will lead you to evaluate and figure-out your training levels.

Vary Your Workout

Doing exercise with the same muscles daily always cause injury. Modify it up and hence you’re not repeating the same movement every day.

Proper Nutrition

Nutrition is key element for a efficient workout. Prefer consultants who can guide you regarding the efficient plan for nutrition, your monthly performance goals according to your physiology.

Sufficient Recovery

Insufficient recovery can bring inefficient displays for athletes and can even cause injury.

Psychological Recovery

Methods such as massage, spas and hot showers can improve your mental wellbeing.

Pay Attention to Your Body

Don’t workout whenever you’re in stress. Always listen to your body and relax.

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