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Ab Roller Exercises that one needs to mix it up with the core workouts

These are the following Ab Roller Exercises that one needs to mix it up with the core workouts in order to get the desired results in an efficient way.

Last updated: 05.05.2019
Ab Roller Exercises that one needs to mix it up with the core workouts | Sports Social Blog

Sweat is Fat Crying & Ab’s Feed on the Tears

One of the most difficult and highly dedicated tasks in fitness is to build a hard rock set of Abs. Building up Biceps, chest and even the Shoulder Traps is a comparatively easier task when it comes down to bodybuilding. In or to gain those set of Ab’s we do require a lot of body toning, variety of Aerobic exercises, healthy and strict diet,

Having a strong core is an extremely important element as it supports the abdominal muscles, glutes and the lower back as well. Therefore building a strong core becomes a necessary element as it takes the overall load of the daily chores we do. In order to build up a strong core, there are a lot of exercises which are used with a lot of combinations depending on one’s ability to carry out. In order to get excellent results of the same, there are various equipment’s as well.

One of the most important equipment in building up the core is the Ab Roller. This simple piece of equipment has a vast amount of advantages over the high-end ab machines. It not only works on the core but also involves the usage of various other muscles right from the shoulders to the calves. Crunches, leg raises, etc. involves a limited amount of Muscle usage, and however usage of an AB Roller involves working of 15 odd muscles.

Regular Ab Roller usage increases the Fat Burning process, increases the stamina in a slight way, it improves the overall body balance which directly relates to the core strength. It also reduces bask stress.

These are the following Ab Roller Exercises that one needs to mix it up with the core workouts in order to get the desired results in an efficient way.

  1. V – Roll Outs.

These are the Following steps to carry out this exercise.

●   Come down to the kneeling position and firmly grasp the handle of the roller.

●   Extend the arm and roll towards the right at an angle of 45 degrees.

●   Now come back to the original position and the move towards the left at a same of 45 degrees

●   Carry out the exercise for about 2 sets each of 5 – 10 reps each side.

2. Ab Roller Planks

●   At the start, attain a push - up position.

●   Hold the Ab Roller Firmly at the sides where the body is faced down and hold the position for about 30 – 45 seconds.

●   This exercise is recommended for the beginners and if this is mastered, it becomes easy for them to carry out other complex forms of Ab Roll

●   If at a moment if it becomes difficult to maintain balance, an individual can kneel down and carry out the exercise.

3. Knee Tucks

●   This is an exercise which requires the usage of the lower body than the upper body.

●   This exercise is beneficial for your lower abdominal area and acts as a stabilizer for the shoulders, arms and the back.

●   In order to carry out Knee Tucks, following are the steps to be followed.

●  Once you attain the plank position, place the foot on the holding area of the Ab Roller. Keep the hand directly under the shoulder and keep the back always straight,

●   Now just roll the knee towards the upper body without disturbing the region around the chest and the upper body.

●   Now resume back the attained position at the start which counts to one repetition.

●   This exercise should be repeated in 3 sets and should include a maximum of 12 reps.

4. Single Arm Rollout

●   This is an advanced and challenging version of Full Front Arm Rollouts.

●   Here in this exercise all of the body stability depends on how much a single arm takes in to sustain the overall weight of the body

●   The Following steps need to be followed in order to carry Single Arm Rollout:

●   Begin with kneeling with the roller in front.

●   Straighten back with a bend in the waist, hold the roller with a single arm.

●   Begin to roll out, the core should be tightened so that the balance is maintained.

5. Ab Wheel Pike

●   This is one of the most difficult but effective exercise0073 that works on the core & glutes.

●   Here in this exercise one needs to keep the legs straight throughout the exercise

●   Here is how the exercise is carried out.

●       Once the feet are placed on the roller, attain the plank position. Keep hands under the shoulder and back always straight.

●    Stabilize the core and roll the wheel towards the upper body.

●    Do not bend the knees, bend the area around the hips picking the body towards the sky.

●    Bring the body back to its resting position.

●    Repeat the exercise for 8 – 12 reps in 2 sets.

These 5 exercises could be an excellent solution for a strong overall body. An individual can modify the above-mentioned exercises with other exercises like the crunches, leg raises and weighted exercises.

This exercise can be carried out by anyone who requires or wishes to meet any level of fitness. A beginner should carry this exercise once in every 2 – 3 days so that the body recovers from the previous stress caused by the exercise.

Also to note, an individual who has backache history should make sure that a trainer is accompanied by the individual when they carry out Ab Rolls.

Hence it is necessary to sweat it out to make it Count.

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