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BAN vs ZIM Test – The Battle of Two Underdogs for their Supremacy

Bangladesh and Zimbabwe lock horns for a test match. It’s the battle of two underdogs for their supremacy. Yet another test match and the two average teams are struggling to keep their test status alive for the coming decades

Last updated: 07.07.2021
Bangladesh vs Zimbabwe Test 2021

Yet another test match and the two average teams are struggling to keep their test status alive for the coming decades if they can while if we look into the scenario maybe one side will definitely lose their test status in the coming decade. By all the analysis the performances of the two sides are completely average or even if we say not upto to standards it won’t be wrong especially in red-ball cricket.


There were times when Zimbabwe was the most complete side ever in their history with players like Andy Flower, Neil Johnson and  Heath Streak. Here is my all-time favourite matches of Zimbabwe when men in blue was almost defeated but luckily they have won by the margin.


While Bangladesh cricket team has emerged out far better side in last two decades from their initial days of cricket journey. But still the internal politics have ended many great talents in Bangladesh cricket history along with Zimbabwe cricket too. The boards of cricket are very much biased to support these nation like other top teams in the world still.


It’s hard too see that Zimbabwe cricket team players won’t be part big franchise leagues in the world like IPL or BBL where many players have made the name for themselves in the last decade. Why this unfairness with Zimbabwe and Bangladesh when players from Afghanistan easily be part of the tournaments. Here are the squads for the upcoming test match between two teams.



So the one test match has the right parameter to judge the abilities or standard of teams over 3 ODIs followed by 3 T20ls. I think it’s wrong again from the boards of cricket to not give the fair chance to average teams to showcase the world cricket that they are not underdogs anymore. We are here to play professional cricket not like to fill out pockets with bucks of co-operate minds who runs this Cricket and has destroyed it in the past two decades.


As per me the level of cricket has been completely changed in the last five to six decades of cricket. Now it has been source of entertainment just that rather the way to challenge the uncertainties and come out as a trendsetter. I don’t know how the people at the higher level able to sleep and eat while filling our pockets with bucks.


Cricket was emotion when these overhyped drama of T20l leagues were not the part of our lives. Maybe money can make everything possible in just few years but that touch of elegance is hard to find in this era of cricket when someone like Sir Sunil Gavaskar came out of the dressing room to showcase the world cricket what was the real cricket with unparalleled class of epitome greatness straight through his first test series against the all-time great team of West Indies and that’s without the proper batting equipment’s. I have heard many stories of Sir Sunil Gavaskar class batting from my dad in childhood while in today cricket there has no sought of attachment like earlier.


A fan from India to Bangladesh and Zimbabwe cricket you merit more opportunities to prove your worth again these boards are just making money from this cricket. Hope it will gonna change one day. 

Stay tuned with us for more cricket updates till then stay safe and stay home.

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