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Best bowling figures for India against South Africa in Test cricket

In this article, we look at the best bowling figures by an Indian bowler against South Africa in Test Cricket. Shardul Thakur’s performance of 7/61 is the best performance by any Indian bowler vs South Africa.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 07.01.2022
Best bowling figures for India against South Africa in Test cricket

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The timing of this article could not be better as only yesterday we got a new number One on this list in the form of the Lord of Indian cricket. So , writing this article is very special the day after history was created. Before yesterday, there have been equally outstanding performances by the Indian bowlers vs South Africa in test cricket.

This list is a compilation of the great bowlers of Indian cricket and all of them have made India immensely proud over the years. So , let’s look at the 5 Bowlers with the best figures vs South Africa in test cricket.

1. Shardul Thakur (7/61): 


This sensational performance by “Lord” Shardul came only yesterday at Johannesburg when Team India were in a spot of bother in the test match as the South Africa batters were playing well and taking up overs in the Innings and a day before this happened Mohammad Siraj got injured and was unable to bowl to his full potential yesterday so Shardul stepped up for his country and delivered a performance that will be remembered by every Indian fan for years to come and he broke the back of the South Africa batting on his own and kept India in the match.


2. Ravichandran Ashwin (7/66): 

This amazing performance by Ravichandran Ashwin at Nagpur in the 4th innings of the test match as he won India that test match on his own. He bowled almost 30 overs in the innings and was so economical throughout that the batters got out when they lost patience and his skills and guile was masterful in this innings and the South Africa batters had no answer for his greatness. This performance was number One on this list for more than 6 years which shows how extraordinary it was.


3. Harbhajan Singh (7/87): 

This legendary bowler produced this performance against a very good South Africa team in 2004 at his favorite ground, Eden Gardens in Kolkata. He bowled 30 overs for 87 runs and single handedly dismissed more than half of the South Africa team in that innings and cemented himself as one of the great spinners of all time. To produce this kind of performance in the 3rd innings when the opposition is setting a total for the 4th innings is special and that is the reason why this is one of the best performances by Bhajji.


4. Harbhajan Singh (7/120): 

Another mention of the great Harbhajan Singh on this list is proof that South Africa were one of his favorite opponents in Test cricket as he consistently performed excellently against them. This historic performance came at Cape Town in the year 2011 and that South Africa team was one of their best ever so it says a lot about the kind of performance he gave in that innings. He also liked the 3rd innings the most against South Africa so they should avoid batting in the Third innings against him. He has been a champion for India and recently he announced his retirement and we wish him well in the next phase of his life.


5. Ravichandran Ashwin (7/145): 

This was a marathon spell of bowling by this modern great of test cricket as he bowled more than 46 overs to pick up the 7 wickets in the innings. It was a display of ultimate patience and determination as he kept bowling and kept being disciplined and eventually he got his rewards and picked up 7 wickets as the reward for his perseverance. He is a great example for young Bowlers who want results now and that one needs to bowl well for a long period of time to be as successful as he has become throughout his illustrious career.


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