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Facts about Pro Athletes Who Love to Play Casino and Online Lottery Games

Many of these athletes look for similar adrenaline rushes away from the field and find them in casinos and online lottery games. Here are facts about pro athletes who love to play casino and online lottery games.

Ankit Kanaujia
Last updated: 28.07.2023
Facts about Pro Athletes Who Love to Play Casino and Online Lottery Games

Many athletes are known for their love of thrill and excitement. Many of these athletes look for similar adrenaline rushes away from the field and find them in casinos and online lottery games. This shared trait is not surprising, given the high stakes, risk, and potential rewards in sports and gambling activities.

Online Lottery and Casino Games – A Pastime for Athletes

While some athletes play amazing online lottery games out of sheer love for thrill and excitement, others perceive them as a pleasant pastime. Following gruelling training sessions and tense matches, casino games provide a welcomed change of pace, a world away from their intense day-to-day routines.

Tennis legend Boris Becker often enjoys unwinding by playing poker. A former World Series Poker participant, Becker has expressed that the game requires a strategic mindset similar to tennis, which intrigues him. For these athletes, the world of casinos offers a comforting sanctuary, enabling them to relax while remaining engaged in a competitive environment.

The New Trend Among Athletes

The digital age has introduced a new trend among athletes – online lottery games. These platforms enable players to participate in various international lotteries without geographical boundaries. The convenience, anonymity, and thrill of possibly winning a life-changing sum of money have drawn many athletes towards online lottery games. 

NBA star Chris Bosh is known to be an avid online lottery player. He appreciates the accessibility of these games, enabling him to participate without disrupting his schedule or privacy. Similarly, footballer Andros Townsend is another online lottery enthusiast, often trying his luck at various international lottery draws.

Pro Athletes in the World of Online Casinos

Wayne Rooney: The English Football Icon

Notorious for his remarkable career with English football clubs like Manchester United and Everton, Wayne Rooney is also famous for his frequent visits to the roulette wheel. His preferred online games include blackjack and slots, with betting amounts sometimes soaring as high as $85,000 within a couple of hours.

Charles Barkley: Basketball Star with a Penchant for Betting

Charles Barkley, an esteemed former American basketball player, had a publicly acknowledged struggle with gambling addiction. Despite the financial pitfalls it led to, he continued engaging in gambling activities. His gambling adventures have occasionally paid off, with one memorable win of $700,000 at blackjack and a Super Bowl bet. His fondness for the casinos in Las Vegas is well-known, with a record loss of $2.5 million during one visit.

Michael Jordan: A Legend on the Court and the Casino

Michael Jordan, the renowned American basketball player, has etched his name in the annals of sports history and the casino world. His love for poker is well documented, with Jordan frequently wagering large amounts in single sittings.

Final Thoughts

The fascination of professional athletes with casinos and online lotteries underscores the enthralling mix of risk, competition, and potential rewards in both sports and gambling. From tennis legend Boris Becker to football icon Wayne Rooney, athletes find a thrilling escape or an extension of their competitive streak in these games.

The intersection of professional sports and gambling is a testament to the shared thrill of competition and high stakes. The potential for increased engagement between these two spheres grows as technology advances, opening new frontiers for responsible and exciting entertainment.

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