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SummerSlam 2024's Main Event: Why WWE Must Book Cody Rhodes vs The Rock

SummerSlam 2024 is set to be the biggest ever, and the main event needs to be a blockbuster. This article looks at why Cody Rhodes vs The Rock for the Undisputed WWE Championship is the best choice.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 16.04.2024
Cody Rhodes vs The Rock

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SummerSlam 2024 is going to be the biggest SummerSlam of all time. More than 65,000 fans will be at the stadium, which will be 15,000 more than any other edition of SummerSlam in history. Therefore, WWE and Triple H know that they have to get the match card right to fill out all those seats. It has the potential to rival WrestleMania. SummerSlam 2024 will happen at the Cleveland Browns Stadium in Cleveland. It will happen on August 3, 2024.

Why Cody Rhodes vs The Rock must happen at SummerSlam 2024   

Cody Rhodes vs The Rock
Cody Rhodes vs The Rock

It was revealed earlier that the 2024 edition of SummerSlam will be the biggest one of all time, and close to 70,000 fans will be in attendance. Therefore, the main event of this PPV has to be worthy of such an occasion. There is only one option, and that is Cody Rhodes vs The Rock for the Undisputed WWE Championship. This is the match that will sell the most tickets. The Rock has been performing at his best as The Final Boss. Cody Rhodes will be the champion for a long time, and this match will sell out the stadium.


Cody Rhodes vs The Rock is a match that has been months in the making. Ever since The Rock came back, it has mostly been him and Cody Rhodes going face-to-face in segments. It almost looked like it was The Rock vs Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania 40. At the Raw after WrestleMania, these two men again crossed paths, and it was clear that they were not yet done with each other. The Rock wants the belt of Cody Rhodes, and now he will be off finishing his Hollywood commitments. Till SummerSlam, Cody Rhodes will have built enough equity as the champion that this match will feel even bigger than it does not. WWE should announce this match as soon as the tickets go on sale.

Cody Rhodes had the biggest moment of his life at WrestleMania 40. He beat the 1316-day reigning Roman Reigns. There is a list of challengers like Sheamus, Gunther, and others that he can feud within all the international PPVs that will happen between now and SummerSlam. It is amazing to see that the PPVs for the next four months will happen outside the USA. WWE Backlash will be in France, then the Saudi Arabia PPV, Clash at the Castle in Glasgow, Money in the Bank in Toronto, and Bash in Berlin in Germany. Cody Rhodes will be a full-time champion, and this match against The Rock will be the biggest in his reign. SummerSlam 2024 will have a lot of big matches, which will be talked about later.


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