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The Most Anticipated WWE Match of the Year? Gunther and Dragunov Waiting to Happen at Bash in Berlin

Gunther and Ilja Dragunov's brutal NXT UK battles are legendary. Now, on the main roster, fans are clamoring for them to collide again.Will their dream match happen at Bash in Berlin? Find out why this is the most anticipated WWE match of the year.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 15.05.2024
Gunther vs Ilja Dragunov is the most anticipated WWE Match of the Year

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Gunther vs Ilja Dragunov is easily the most anticipated WWE Match of the year. The WWE fans have been hoping that these two monsters face each other again and deliver the most brutal match ever seen on the WWE main roster. Gunther has established himself as one of the most dominant forces in Raw for the past number of years. Ilja Dragunov has recently been drafted to Raw.

Let’s talk about why Gunther vs Ilja Dragunov is the most anticipated WWE Match of the year

Gunther vs Ilja Dragunov is a masterpiece waiting to happen


When both Gunther and Ilja Dragunov were in NXT UK they had a couple of matches against each other for the NXT UK Championship  and at the time not a lot of people watched it because NXT UK was a new brand. Those two Matches were the most physical matches in WWE history. The chops and the hits they were dishing out on each other was hard to watch. More so, those Matches were in front of no fans during the Pandemic in 2020. However as time went on almost everyone has seen it. They also had a match at a NXT Takeover where a lot more fans saw what they are capable of. They have had only 5 star classics. After that Gunther and Ilja Dragunov were kept separate from each other. Ilja Dragunov went to NXT and he was the best wrestler in NXT. He got a lot of new fans every week in NXT.

Gunther was the NXT UK Champion for 870 days which is the longest title reign in NXT. Then he was called to the main roster in 2022 and he immediately won the Intercontinental Championship. He won it in June 2022 and for the next 666 days he was Champion. He became the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time. He had classic Matches against the likes of Sheamus, Drew McIntyre, Sami Zayn, Ricochet, Chad Gable and anyone else he stepped In the ring with. Ilja Dragunov became NXT Champion and he had Banger after Banger against Carmelo Hayes, Trick Williams, Tony D’ Angelo. Then in the WWE Draft Ilja Dragunov was called up to Raw which is the same brand as Gunther. Triple H likes to play the long game and therefore the WWE fans on Twitter need to show patience.

As soon as this happened the WWE fans were extremely happy because they knew that this match would happen for the first time in the main roster. As to why this is the most anticipated WWE Match of the year, it is because there are no two better wrestlers in WWE. There is nobody in WWE who is as physical as these two. Ilja Dragunov is smaller in height but he more than makes up for it in everything else. And the track record between these two has been impeccable. There is a WWE PPV on 31st August called Bash in Berlin. This match has the main event of that PPV written all over it. Triple H had the chance to do this match in the King of The Ring Tournament semi final but this match should not happen on Raw. Ilja Dragunov has already main evented Raw in only his second week and he took main event Jey Uso to the limit. Gunther will most probably win the tournament and become King of The Ring. This match does not need a championship because fans in Berlin will pay all the money to see Gunther vs Ilja Dragunov.

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