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Who should Gunther Feud against after SummerSlam?

Gunther is someone that is on a run unlike anyone else with the Intercontinental Championship. Let’s look at the list of WWE superstars that can feud against Gunther.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 24.09.2023
Who should Gunther Feud against after SummerSlam

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Gunther is someone that is on a run unlike anyone else with the Intercontinental Championship and he has become the longest champion of all time and he only has less than a month before he breaks the record for being the longest Reigning Intercontinental Champion of all time. And Gunther needs opponents after SummerSlam as well and there are a list of great opponents that he can Feud against and build his legacy as the Intercontinental Champion.

Let’s look at the list of WWE superstars that can feud against Gunther after SummerSlam

Chad Gable


Chad Gable has been having a feud against Gunther even before SummerSlam but that was put in the back burner because of the Drew McIntyre stuff at SummerSlam and it was a Big match which Gunther won and now he is less than 25 days away from breaking the 454 day reign of Honky Tonk Man as the Intercontinental Champion. Chad Gable also recently won a match that would allow him to be the next Challenger of Gunther and that match will most likely happen at WWE Payback. Chad Gable is one of the best wrestlers in the world and they will have an absolute banger.

Cody Rhodes

This could feel like a step up for Gunther but Cody Rhodes would be the perfect challenge for Gunther to test himself against the best and Cody Rhodes would be a serious threat to the Intercontinental Championship and the fans will not know who to cheer for because even though Gunther is a heel, the fans see how good he is avd they also cheer for him. This Feud should happen once Gunther has broken the record next month. Cody Rhodes will test Gunther to his limits and he will come out as a better wrestler and a main event Player at the end of it.

Brock Lesnar

Anyone who does not add Brock Lesnar to the list of opponents for Gunther is seriously not watching WWE. Brock Lesnar is the ultimate dream match of Gunther and Gunther has said it so many times how Brock Lesnar would be his ultimate test and the WWE fans deserve to see this match happen. Nobody is telling Triple H to do it now but keep It for the Big shows of next year but Gunther vs Brock Lesnar has to happen and it has to be for the Intercontinental Championship. The title will be raised in prestige multifold because of this 1 match and this will be a match for the ages and an extremely physical one.

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