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Top 5 Best Drew McIntyre WWE Matches

Drew McIntyre first came back in NXT and he became NXT champion and from there he has seen a meteoric rise and he became WWE champion. Take a look at his top 5 best wwe matches.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 21.08.2022
Top 5 Best Drew McIntyre WWE Matches

It has been a while since we have done Best WWE Matches for a superstar and I think now it’s time to talk about the man that is the talk of the town because he is about to have the biggest match of his career in front of his home fans at Clash at the Castle in Cardiff. He has had a lot of great WWE Matches till now and we are here to tell you about the Top 5 Best matches amongst all of them.

Before we talk about the Top 5 Best Drew McIntyre WWE Matches we have to talk about the rise of this star as he first came back in NXT and he became NXT champion and from there he has seen a meteoric rise and he became WWE champion as well but at that time there was no one to celebrate it with him. So, let’s see the Top 5 Best WWE Matches of Drew McIntyre.

Drew McIntyre vs Bobby Roode - NXT Takeover Brooklyn

This is the match where Drew McIntyre became NXT champion and this was one of the best WWE Matches in the career of Drew. The story going into this match was great as well and these 2 went out there to steal the show and that’s exactly what they did. Drew McIntyre was determined to have the best match he could have and Roode was the perfect heel and they had a great 20 minutes match where Drew McIntyre won the NXT title and everyone loved it.

2020 Royal Rumble

This is the match that made Drew McIntyre from a star to a superstar as he had the moment of his career in this match. Brock Lesnar was dominating this match and out came Drew McIntyre at number 16 and he eliminated Brock Lesnar and the crowd immediately loved him for it and he went on to have a great performance in the Royal Rumble match which he would win to get his shot at WrestleMania. This was an incredible Royal Rumble Match.

Drew McIntyre vs Randy Orton – WWE Raw

This was when Randy Orton had won the WWE title from Drew McIntyre at Hell in a Cell and Drew McIntyre got his rematch on Raw and from here on came this match and it was an incredible match and one of the best TV Matches in recent times. Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton had their best match here and the fans watching at home were rooting for Drew to win back his WWE championship and after a 25 minutes match on Raw , Drew finally beat Randy and won the WWE championship again. It certainly is one of his best WWE Matches.

Drew McIntyre vs Roman Reigns – WWE Survivor series

Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns faced each other at Survivor Series in 2020 when both of them were champions and Drew McIntyre was on a hot streak and Roman was hot as well. They had the best match on the show and one of the best Matches of that year as they went at it for 25 minutes and Drew McIntyre tried everything he could to beat Roman but the tribal chief would not go down but after an exhilarating 25 minutes Roman Reigns finally made Drew McIntyre tap out. I am sure these two will want to better thus match at Clash at the Castle and Drew would be looking to beat Roman Reigns.

Drew McIntyre vs Sheamus – WWE Elimination Chamber 2021

Drew McIntyre and Sheamus have never had a bad match but this one that they had at Elimination Chamber was the best of them all and worthy of put in this list of the Top 5 Best Drew McIntyre WWE Matches. This was a falls Count Anywhere match where they could go all out and Hurt each other as much as they wanted to and they did and the fans loved every second of it and Drew and Sheamus were not able to hear each other and for 23 minutes the fans got a wrestling clinic and finally Drew McIntyre best Sheamus and won that match.

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