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Top Five Greatest Matches of Randy Orton

Randy Orton is presently an incredible ingenious within the WWE. At this rate, he might go down in history as the longest-running star in WWE history. Here we look at the top five greatest matches of Randy Orton.

Last updated: 16.09.2021
Greatest Matches of Randy Orton

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Randy Orton is presently an incredible ingenious within the WWE. He has ended up one of the greatest stars within the WWE, and he is as it were 31. At this rate, he might go down in history as the longest-running star in WWE history. During Orton's time within the WWE, he has made himself a legend through his popularity, ability, and effects. He may just be the foremost underrated wrestler within the company right now as distant as his specialized wrestling capacity is concerned. He has become the greatest star within the company outside of Cena, and, whereas he has never been very mainstream, he could be an able ingenious who helps lead the company by putting over and supporting the youthful ability.

Over his 10-year run, Orton has had great—even legendary—matches in the company, ones that will be watched for years to come.

The following in order are Orton's 5 greatest matches of all time.



5. Randy Orton Vs. The Undertaker – Wrestlemania 21

The Number 5 spot belongs to the beginning of one of the foremost underrated contentions of the 2000s. This contention began when Orton turns heel once again & challenges The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 21, this match was booked as ‘The Legend vs. The Legend Killer’.

 This match was the inauguration of RKO out of no place. When Taker attempted to chokeslam Orton, Orton counters it into an RKO. After an overwhelming fight, Taker stuck Orton after a destroying Gravestone Piledriver and proceeded his streak as 13-0.


4. Randy Orton Vs. Shawn Michaels – Survivor Series 2007

The number 04 spot has a place to the conclusion of one of the finest competitions of the year 2007. Orton punted Michael's within the head at Judgment Day 2007 and took him out for a few months. Michaels returned with a retaliation after five months and conveys Sweet Chin Music week after week to Orton. Michaels confronted Orton for his WWE title at Cyber Sunday 2007, where Orton survived by a DQ victory over Michaels.

A rematch was reported for Survivor Series where Michaels’ Sweet Chin Music was banned. Michaels endeavoured different submission moves, such as the Sharpshooter, Crossface, and ankle lock. Eventually, Michaels attempted to perform Sweet Chin Music but to anticipate himself from losing the match, he halted, which then permitted Orton to perform an RKO to hold the Title.


3. Randy Orton Vs. Batista Vs. Daniel Bryan (Triple Threat Match) – Wrestlemania XXX

The number 03 spot belongs to the culmination of one of the best storylines in recent memories. Daniel Bryan started his eight-month long road to Wrestlemania at SummerSlam 2013. Bryan got screwed time & time again and failed to capture the World title from Orton. Bryan challenges Triple H for a match at WM XXX with a clause that the winner between him and Hunter would be added to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match, thus making it to a Triple Threat match. Bryan defeated Triple H and got inserted himself in the main event.


2. Randy Orton Vs. Edge – Backlash 2020

The number 02 spot belongs to ‘The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever’ between frenemies Edge & Orton. Edge returned at Royal Rumble 2020 & shocked the WWE Universe. Following night on RAW, Orton destroyed Edge with his own move ‘Chair Toe’. Both men faced each other at Wrestlemania in a Last man Standing match, where Edge came out victorious. But, match was not upto the mark. Few weeks later, Orton challenges Edge in a ‘Greatest Wrestling Match Ever’ at Backlash.


1. Randy Orton Vs. Cactus Jack (Hardcore Match) – Backlash 2004

The number 01 spot has a place in a match that cemented Orton as the main occasion player in WWE. This match was one of the foremost brutal experiences in WWE History. Three months earlier at the Royal Rumble, after Mick Foley dispensed with Orton and himself from the Royal Rumble match, Orton hit Foley with a steel chair, and the two brawled up the incline and into the back. At WrestleMania XX, Advancement (Orton, Batista, and Ric Flair) confronted off against The Rock ‘n’ Sock Connection (Foley and The Rock) in a Handicap match. Advancement won the match when Orton stuck Foley after an RKO. Foley challenged Orton for his IC Title in an In-your-face coordinate at Backlash.

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