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Top 5 Moves of Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair is on top of the game for almost a decade and that can only happen when one has the moves to have a great match in the ring. Check out here the top 5 moves of Charlotte Flair.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 28.01.2023
Top 5 Moves of Charlotte Flair

Just like Sasha Banks, Charlotte Flair is also one of the all time best women’s wrestlers of All time and the moves she has in her arsenal are some of the best in the world. Charlotte Flair is one of those wrestlers that has such a wide variety of moves that she can use any which one she Wants to win the match. Charlotte Flair is on top of the game for almost a decade and that can only happen when one has the moves to have a great match in the ring.

The thing with Charlotte Flair which is incredible is that she has gotten better with each match that she has and in the big matches she puts out a new move that her opponents do not see coming. 

So, let’s look at the Top 5 Moves of Charlotte Flair

1) Figure Eight

This is the number 1 move in the arsenal of Charlotte Flair and it is one of the best submission moves in WWE today as it is very painful and extremely hard to do and thus no one in wrestling can do this move other than her. This is a move where Charlotte Flair locks the legs of her opponents and then she puts them in a painful position and they have no option but to tap out. It’s her finishing move as well

2) Natural Selection

This is another one of those moves that only Charlotte Flair does and this is her other finishing move where she goes behind her opponents and then gives them a back DDT and their heads lay on the ground. She is so good that she can do this move without any effort and win matches. One of the most attractive wrestling moves today.

3) The Spear

The Spear is a move that is generally done by the male wrestlers and so the fact that Charlotte Flair does this move and does it so well tells us all about her greatness. She makes it look believable that her opponents will get hurt when she hits them with the Spear. The Spear is sometimes the move that wins matches for her.

4) The Moonsault

There are a few female wrestlers who do the Moonsault like Iyo Sky but Charlotte Flair has a Moonsault which is one of the best and has great impact. Charlotte Flair does the Moonsault from the top rope and then she lands on her opponent and takes them out they lay on the ground for a long amount of time which gives her the chance to attack her opponents some more.

5) The Back Elbow

This is a move that has been used by Charlotte Flair since the last few years and it is a move that her husband Andrade made famous and she does the move with equal precision and the move is where she comes running at her opponents and hits the back elbow for a sudden impact and this move then allows her to go for the Moonsault. This is one of the best moves in her move set.

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