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Why did the Bella Twins leave WWE?

The Bella Twins have officially left WWE and have become the Garcia Twins and there are a few reasons why they left WWE and it is full of Controversy.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 28.03.2023
Why did the Bella Twins leave WWE?

It has been brewing for the past few months ever since Triple H took over creative and after their father in law John Lauranitis was fired from WWE from his role and The Bella Twins have officially left WWE and have become the Garcia Twins and there are a few reasons why they left WWE and it is full of Controversy. Everything was going well for The Bella Twins as long as their father in law was in the company and after he was fired things started going south.

This is one of the biggest departures from WWE in the Triple H era because the Bella Twins bring with them a lot of star power and they are big reality TV stars as well so it could be a loss for WWE and a possible gain for AEW. 

So, let’s look at the reasons as to why The Bella Twins left WWE:

Change in guard in WWE

This is possibly the biggest reasons for their departure because before the change in management was announced it was Vince McMahon who was in control of creative and their father In law John Lauranitis was in charge of talent relations and they got in the WWE Hall of Fame because of that because there were far more deserving women than them. However last year everything changed as Vince McMahon was forced to retire and John Lauranitis was fired from his role and Triple H and his team took over and since then the relationship between WWE and them was not so good. Then at Raw 30 they were first advertised but later removed and that was the final straw.

Their contracts were up

Another reason which seems equally possible is that their contracts were up and they chose to not renew them and they could have but they felt like they had been not respected as they should have and The twins were ready to come back to the ring before everything changed. Especially Nikki Bella was not happy that Triple H did not invite them to Raw 30 and that led to another and recently they left WWE. Triple H and WWE should have tried to renew their deals as they are big stars in the pop culture world and they could have brought more eyes to WWE.

AEW gave them a better offer

As the fans know that they have changed their names to The Garcia Twins and this signals a change in their career and even though they have said that they are not joining AEW , the writing is on the wall because they did not need to change their names as the world knows them as the Bella Twins and they could have used the name to get more money but they changed it so they only means that both of them are AEW bound and they will be there within this year and it will be a big gain for them although neither can wrestle very well. And at the end of the day it looks like AEW and Tony Khan gave them a much better offer and they took it.

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