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Top 10 Players with most balls faced in an innings in Test cricket

Let’s check out the top 10 players who have faced most balls in an innings in test cricket. Leonard Hutton played a mammoth innings of 364 and faced 847 balls.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 13.04.2022
Top 10 Players with most balls faced in an innings in Test cricket

We are back with another Top 10 list and this time it is a list that not a lot of people would have made because who would count the number of balls that s batter faces in an innings in test cricket, so we are here to help our readers know about these great players and their marathon innings that they played.

Without talking about anything else , let’s see the Top 10 Players who have faced most balls in an innings in test cricket and there are some names here that our readers may not have heard of but it is important to know the history of test cricket.

Leonard Hutton (847 balls faced)

This marathon of an innings came against Australia in the Ashes for England and this batter could not be removed from the crease no matter what the Aussies tried to throw at him and he just slowly and steadily built his innings and hit 35 fours all around The Oval and the fans were loving every minute of it and he made a mammoth score of 364 runs in the 847 balls he faced.

Glenn Turner (759 Balls faced)

Glenn Turner was in no mood to get out when he played for New Zealand against the West Indies and he was standing there like a rock for his nation and he just tired out the West Indies bowlers and as a result of his efforts he made an incredible 259 runs with the help of 22 fours and it will be an epic innings forever.

Bob Simpson (743 Balls faced)

The legendary Bob Simpson was in imperious form when he batted against England on the 1964 Ashes and he batted for such a long time that the English bowlers were completely helpless after a point of time and they were just waiting for him to get out. With the help of 23 fours and 1 juge six he made an outstanding 311 runs and gave Australia a huge advantage in the match.

Sid Barnes (667 Balls faced)

The fourth batter on this list is also from Australia and he also played this mammoth innings against England but it was in the 1946 Ashes series. He was so resolute in his defence and he gave the England bowlers no chance of getting him out and after batting for so long he made 234 runs with 17 fours in it.

Gary Kirsten (642 Balls faced)

This is the first name on this list till now that our readers will recognise and Gary Kirsten played this exceptional innings against England at Durban and it came at a time when South Africa were in a spot of bother and they were following on against England and that’s when he showed all his class and made 275 runs which had 26 Fours in it and it is his best Innings.

Andy Sandham (640 Balls faced)

The sixth person on this list is from England and he played this extraordinary innings against West Indies in 1930 and he played at a strike rate of more than 50 and in this mammoth innings of his he hit 26 fours and he made 325 runs and it is still an epic innings.

Ken Barrington (624 Balls faced)

He was again an England player and the innings we are talking about came against Australia in the 1964 Ashes and he absolutely decimated the Aussie bowling attack in this match. He made 256 runs and in this innings he hit 26 fours and he became a legend after this innings of his.

Wally Hammond (605 Balls faced)

The next few innings will be about this extraordinary player from England who dominated Australia in the 1928-29 Ashes series, we will talk about the innings where he made 251 in 1928 and in this Innings he hit 30 fours all around the ground and he made 251 runs for all his efforts.

Wally Hammond (603 Balls faced)

The ninth batter is also Wally Hammond and this innings also came in the same Ashes series where the previous knock came but this came in the initial months of the new year. Thus innings was slower than the last because he only made 177 runs in this Innings he hit only 17 fours and played at a strike rate of only over 17.

Bob Cooper (589 Balls faced)

The last batter on this list is the legendary Australia batter Bob Cooper and he absolutely smashed England in the 1966 Ashes series and this Innings of 307 from 589 balls absolutely hammered England. He hit 20 fours in the innings and played quickly and made 307 runs.

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