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List of tied matches in Test Cricket History

Test Cricket preferably offers three outcomes, either win, loss, or a drawn match. In the rarest of the rare cases, there is a tied match in test cricket. Here check out the list of tied matches in test cricket history.

Last updated: 21.11.2021
List of tied matches in Test Cricket History

Cricket is a game of uncertainties. We have heard it and witnessed it. One of the uncertain events in test crickets is a match getting tied.


To clear out the similarities between a drawn match and a tied match. When both the teams are bowled out in both the innings and their scores are tied, then a match is tied.


Out of 2433 test matches spanning over 140 years, only twice has the match been tied. That is 0.08% times. The stat is insanely similar to those matches. Here is a list of tied matches in Test Cricket History.


1. Australia Vs West Indies 


Date: 9th December 1960

Score: West Indies - 453 (1st innings) 284 (2nd innings)

Australia - 505 (1st innings) 232 (2nd innings)


It was the first test of the West Indies tour of Australia in 1960. West Indies scored 453 and 284 in both innings. While Australia scored 505 in the first innings and now required 233 runs to win the first match.


It was Alan Davidson who kept on scoring from one end and from the other, Wes Hall kept on taking wickets. The situation was such that Australia was 232 for 9. They needed a single run to win the match and Ian Meckiff was on strike.


The tragedy was such that he was run out while taking the single and it was the first-ever tied match in cricket history.


2. India Vs Australia 


Date: 18 September 1986

Score: Australia - 574/7d (1st innings) 170/5d (2nd innings)

India - 397 (1st innings) 347 (2nd innings)


The second tied match also involves Australia. The Aussies were touring India and it was the first test in Chennai.


Australia batted first and scored 574 in the first innings and 170 in the second. In reply, India fell short in the first innings as they scored just 347 runs. However, since Australia lacked runs in the second innings, India now required 348 runs to win.


India got off to a bright start Sunil Gavaskar scored 90 and the middle contributed with 40 odd runs. The men in blue required 17 runs to win and had 4 wickets in hand.


It seemed that Australia's Ray Bright had different ideas. He in quick succession took 3 wickets and now the score was level and Maninder Singh needed a single run to seal the victory.

Sadly, for Indian fans, Greg Matthew's delivery struck him into his pads and he was given leg before wicket.


To add a bit more to the topic, there were two other instances where the scores were level but the result of the matches were announced as ' Draw with scores level'. Such instances are

  1. Zimbabwe against England 1996

  2. India vs West Indies, 2011


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