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Top 5 Greatest Batsman In Test Cricket

In this article, check out the top 5 greatest batsman in Test Cricket. Perhaps T-20 Cricket and ODIs bring more excitement but test cricket values are unparalleled in terms of other formats.

Last updated: 24.10.2020
Top 5 Greatest Batsman In Test Cricket | Sports Social Blog

Test cricket remains the most purest form of a game. The player has to prove his worth to be called a “cricketer” in the longest format of a game. The format is different in test cricket from the limited overs cricket where a player has to adapt himself into the different situation and follow a different approach to be a successful cricketer.


A player can have numerous records in limited overs cricket. But records in test cricket define the calibre of a player from a different aspect. Perhaps T-20 Cricket and ODIs bring more excitement but test cricket values are unparalleled in terms of other formats. 

Having said, let us take a look at top five greatest batsmen in test cricket.


Sir Don Bradman:


He was a record book in himself. A player who had defined how to be the greatest ever cricketer in history ever. A batsman or the captain but he was the most complete cricketer of his era.


Under his captaincy period the Australian team never lost the test series which defined how great captain he was and also holds the record of most number of double hundreds – 12 which is still a record held by him.


Bradman featured 52 tests scored 6996 runs which include 29 centuries at an unbelievable average of 99.94 in an era when there were no proper batting equipment for the player and with those numbers easily defines that he was the once in a lifetime player. Bradman also holds the record of only batsman to score 300 runs in a single day of a test match.


Sir Sunil Gavaskar:


A tornado called Sir Sunil Gavaskar if Australia had the Don Bradman then team India had the Sir Sunil Gavaskar. Indian Cricket history without Sir Sunil Gavaskar is incomplete. He was the first cricketer to touch the milestone of 10000 test cricket runs in an era which was dominated by the most dangerous bowling pairs in the history of cricket. Sir Sunil Gavaskar was the trendsetter when team India was on the verge of losing its existence and values in cricket.


Since his debut series when he scored 771 runs against the invincible West Indies team in their own territory – world cricket had witnessed that this was the special talent. He had every shot in his arsenal but few of them will remain unmatched those straight drives and extra cover drives.


In 125 tests scored 10122 runs at an average of 51.10 which include 34 hundreds and 45 fifties. The records are more special because it was made in a completely different era which was not batsman friendly and more off bowling friendly. No batsman in the world wants to face the west-Indies bowlers of 70s and 80s but Gavaskar was special and he made 13 hundreds against them which can easily define how great player he was in his era. 


Rahul Dravid:


"It's going to be a bit void in Indian cricket now. I think you really won't find anybody playing with the same tactical virtuosity that you saw with Rahul Dravid.” ~ Sunil Gavaskar.


It can easily define how impactful and great a player was Rahul Dravid. Many players have come or many will come but players like Rahul Dravid remain Unmatched. Dravid had been the vital cog for team India through the start of his career.


Nicknamed “The Wall” Dravid holds numerous records which remain untouched or will be in the future too. 31,258 – facing the most number of dot balls in test cricket and also the fourth highest run-getter in test cricket.


Featured in 164 ODIs 13,288 runs which include 36 centuries and 63 fifties at an average of 52.31 with 6 double hundreds. Who took the bail of team India many times from the crisis situation.


Kumar Sangakkara:


One of the greatest ever left-handed batsmen to grace the game of cricket. 11 double hundreds in test cricket easily defined the calibre of this southpaw from Sri-lanka.


Since his debut he scored 12,400 runs at an average of 57.40 which include 38 hundreds – most by any left-handed batsman and 52 fifties.


Sangarkara scored runs against every A-List teams and had been the vital cog for Sri Lanka team since his debut till 2015 World Cup where he scored four consecutive centuries which is still a record held by him and cover drives remains the best thing in cricket to witnessed.


Brian Lara:


The most stylish left-handed batsman in Test cricket history. The phenomenon called Brian Lara who made someone outside the cricketing world his fan too with his whirlwind batting. His records are the testimony of his abilities.


He was the last great batsman from West Indies cricket history to have ever grace this game. Since his debut Lara scored 11953 runs in 131 tests at an average of 52.88 which include 34 centuries and 48 fifties with the career best score of 400* - which is still a record held by him.


9 double hundreds which easily defined how dangerous he was in his cricketing career and his ability to score runs against A-List teams makes him the player of once in an era.

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