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Top 5 Batsmen who have scored most sixes in test cricket history

There are very few batsmen who hit sixes consistently in test cricket without any fear in their minds. Let’s take a look at the Top 5 Batsmen who have scored the most sixes in test cricket history.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 30.12.2021
most sixes in test cricket history

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Hitting sixes in test cricket is not a regular occurrence and so whenever a batter hits a six in a test innings, it gets a lot of attention from everybody. Not every batter likes hitting sixes in test cricket as they have a fear of getting out and wasting a good innings for nothing so only the players who have an attacking mindset hit sixes in a test match.

There are very few batsmen who hit sixes consistently in test cricket and they have no fear in their minds and are confident that they will clear the boundary ropes with ease. Let’s look at the Top 5 Batsmen who have scored the most sixes in test cricket history.

1. Brendon McCullum (107 sixes): 


The former captain of New Zealand and one of the most attacking and destructive openers in the history of test cricket holding the record for hitting most sixes in test cricket history is not much of a surprise. He likes hitting sixes , no matter the format of the game and it’s not like he recklessly hit sixes, he was calculative in hitting those monster sixes in a test match. He was so consistent while being so attacking at the Same time, very few other batsmen have this unique ability and it was a treat for fans to see him destroy bowlers in test cricket with sixes and fours combined.


2. Adam Gilchrist (100 Sixes): 

This swashbuckling batsman from Australia was one of the most feared players in cricket history not just test cricket history. His contributions at the middle order in test cricket would always be remembered by all Australia fans and his regular hitting sixes took pressure from Australia and he put his opponents under immense pressure and forced them to make mistakes. Adam Gilchrist was the greatest wicket keeper batsman and everyone who came after that took him as their inspiration so his impact on the game is tremendous.


3. Chris Gayle (98 Sixes): 

The Universe Boss was not only a great white ball format cricketer but his records in test cricket are exceptional ac well and he has played more than 100 test matches for the West Indies and scored more than 7000 runs with lots of fours and sixes as usual. His sis hitting prowess came very handy for the West Indies in test cricket as he played long innings consistently for them and put the bowlers under so much pressure that they bowled where he wanted them to bowl. Chris Gayle is a true entertainer in the game of cricket and all of us fans will miss his heroics in test cricket.


4. Jacques Kallis (97 Sixes): 

This is one name that many will be surprised to see in this list because he doesn’t have a reputation of hitting sixes regularly. This only shows how great of a player he was ; not only hitting centuries and picking Wickets but hitting massive sixes as well. He is the greatest all rounder to have ever played the game and all the modern day all rounders rightfully so have him as their inspiration. His impact on the game cannot be measured in words.


5. Virender Sehwag (91 Sixes): 

The Nawab of Najafgarh is known for treating test cricket as an extension of one day cricket and he did it unlike anybody else that played the game. He was a true game changer when it came to opening in test cricket. What do you say about a batter when he is on 295 and hits a huge Six to complete his first 300 in test cricket. Virender Sehwag was a once in a lifetime player and he mentally destroyed the bowlers before they even hit the ground running. The Indian fans enjoyed every bit of his Six hitting and Viru is greatly missed by all

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