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5 Early Predictions for WWE Hall of Fame 2022

The Hall of Fame 2022 is fast approaching and WWE announced it will take place in Dallas. Check out the top 5 early predictions for WWE hall of fame 2022.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 28.01.2022
5 Early Predictions for WWE Hall of Fame 2022

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The WWE Hall of Fame is one of the most prestigious nights of the entire WWE calendar, it is the only night of the year where there is no wrestling, no action, just everyone coming together and celebrating the hall of Fame inductees for that year. It has been a yearly tradition to have the hall of fame in WrestleMania week and all the legends who go in each year deserve it.

The Hall of Fame 2022 is fast approaching and WWE announced it will take place in Dallas during WrestleMania week as it the norm. It will be the first hall of fame induction since 2019 to have fans as a part of it so the feeling is the inductees will be big to mark the occasion this year. Let’s predict who all can go this year in April.

The Undertaker


A lot of people feel he should be the sole inductee this year like was the case with Andre The Giant in 1994. The Undertaker is that level of star that he deserves his own hall of fame event where all the wrestlers who were most connected to him for 30 years should come up and speak and he should be inducted by Vince McMahon himself because The Undertaker is the greatest creation from the mind of Vince so it can be safely said that the Undertaker will go in this year and to add to everything he has achieved and his untouchable legacy, the event will be in Texas where he lives with his family so it will be a great moment for him and a richly deserved honour for one of the Greatest of all time.


A lot of people are clamouring for Umaga to go in the hall of fame this year because it is felt that it is very long overdue for one of the pioneers of the Samoan movement in WWE History. He was a once in a generation talent and everyone loved and resources him a lot and he has left a lasting legacy and getting inspired from him a lot of Samoans have come in WWE and the Usos applied face paint in the start of their career as a homage to Umaga so we here predict that Umaga is a very strong contender to go in the hall of fame this year in Dallas and it will be a highly deserved accolade for the legend.


There is a female inductee every year in the Hall of Fame and there is a feeling that Victoria might go in this year considering age returned at the royal Rumble match last year and the reaction she got after that match and the demand just grew and grew. She is one of the most powerful and athletic wrestlers in WWE History especially females and a lot of the current female WWE superstars are inspired by her and the career she has had over the years. She is also a very likeable character and the fans love her to this day and we predict that Victoria will earn her rightful place in the Hall of Fame this year. Maybe she returns again this year at the Rumble and the fans go wild again and then it can be cemented that she is going on.

Hardy Boys

If there was a tag team that needed to go in the WWE hall of fame it is the Hardy Boys because they have been the best tag team of the last 20 years and they both are still competing at the highest level of professional wrestling. There is no need to explain what their legacy is as a tag team in WWE History as they invented the TLC match Along with two other great tag teams and they have won the WWE tag team titles 7 times and have inspired countless teams to try and become legends while being a tag team so we predict that even though not one of them is in WWE anymore, they will go in the Hall of Fame this year.

Jon Stewart

There is always a celebrity inductee in the Hall of Fame every year at the ball of fame and this year it might be Jon Stewart of the Daily show as he has been involved in a lot of important and great WWE moments throughout the last decade or so. His involvement with Seth Rollins and John Cena at SummerSlam 2015 was legendary and he was the host of SummerSlam one year as well so looking at his iconic legacy and his involvement with WWE, we predict Jon Stewart will go in the hall of fame this year

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