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Top 10 WWE superstars with most Royal Rumble appearances

The Royal Rumble is just around the corner. Here we take a look at the top 10 WWE superstars with most Royal Rumble appearances in history.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 19.01.2022
Top 10 WWE superstars with most Royal Rumble appearances

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The Royal Rumble is around the corner so it is always a fun time to write about the various aspects of this PPV event and this match in particular. We previously discussed in detail the match card of the 2022 Royal Rumble and the likely winners of those matches as well. There are many superstars who have entered the Royal Rumble match in his glorious 35 year history and some of them have won the match and attained instant superstardom

Out of the hundreds of superstars that have entered the Royal Rumble match in their careers, there are a handful of them that have entered in a lot of Rumble matches and gave a good showing of themselves in the match. They have been remembered as Royal Rumble legends. Let’s take a look at the Top 10 WWE superstars with most Royal Rumble appearances

1. Kane (20 appearances and counting)


If there was an award for the GOAT of the Royal Rumble match , the winner would be Kane for everyone because considering the number of records he has in this match is staggering and the appearance record will most likely not be broken anytime soon as he might appear in more in the future and the sad fact is he never won even once in these 20 tries.


2. Dolph Ziggler (14 appearances and counting): 

Dolph Ziggler is a Rumble veteran of the highest order as he has performed his best in these matches, lasting a long time in every match and showing what a great wrestler he is. There is no doubt he will be in more Royal Rumble matches and maybe in a decade catch up to Kane


3. Randy Orton (13 appearances and counting): 

Randy Orton is a part of almost every list in WWE because of his longevity and his consistency and this record is no different. He had won Twice our of the 13 times he has appeared in this match making him an all time great in this match and he will surely appear in more Rumble matches going forward.


4. The Miz (13 appearances and counting): 

The Miz is one of the workers of the WWE and his consistency is respected by all the fans. He has made 13 appearances in the Rumble match and always delivered and there is no doubt seeing how active he is, he will climb in this list and go higher.


5. Kofi Kingston (13 appearances and counting): 

Kofi Kingston is the star of the Royal Rumble match over the years and he has single handedly made every Rumble match a must see as all the da fans are eagerly waiting to see how he will save himself this year. With him entering his 14th Rumble match this year, he will go higher on this list in a month.


6. Goldust (13 appearances and counting): 

Goldust will be stuck at 13 appearances for the future as he works for AEW now and is unlikely to return to WWE. He has been a Rumble favorite and always performed extremely well and the fans would be excited to see the man in gold. Hopefully we get to see him in a Rumble match soon


7. Shawn Michaels (12 appearances): 

Mr WrestleMania had a great record in the Royal Rumble match as well as he appeared in 12 Royal Rumble matches in his career and he won the match twice in 1995 and 1996 thereby cementing as the top of the industry. He was one of the best to ever do it.


8. Big Show (12 appearances): 

Big Show is one man who is tailor made for the Royal Rumble match and the fact that has 12 appearances to his name is not shocking but the surprising part is he never won a Royal Rumble match in his career. He was a giant and threw lots of people over the top rope


9. Rey Mysterio (12 appearances and counting): 

Rey Mysterio has given one of the greatest performances in Royal Rumble history whenne won in 2006 and even otherwise he has appeared in 12 Royal Rumble matches so far with the one in 2022 being his 13th so he will move ahead in this list once his 13th appearance happens.


10. The Undertaker (11 appearances): 

The Greatest in WWE History had 11 Royal Rumble matches to his name and every time he entered a Rumble match it was a special moment and who can forget his win in 2007 and bus countless other memorable moments in this historic match. He was one of the highlights of the Rumble match.

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