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Top 5 Best Matches of Batista

Dave Batista or fondly known as Batista to the WWE fans for 20 years is one of those Superstars that has had an incredible career. Here we look at the top 5 best matches of Batista.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 08.03.2022
Top 5 Best Matches of Batista

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Dave Batista or fondly known as Batista to the WWE fans for 20 years is one of those Superstars that has had an incredible career and since the time he arrived in WWE, Star was written all over him and he came from OVW along with his legendary compatriots John Cena, Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar in 2002 and all four of them have gone on to have amazing careers in WWE and are multi time world champions. Batista was a big man with a star-making quality and his Wrestling was very good as well.

During his 17 year active WWE run Batista was one of the biggest stars there and his time in the group Evolution with Triple H, Ric Flair and Randy Orton helped catapult his career and he became over as a singles performer and the fans started to love him and he has had a lot of great Matches throughout his career. So, let’s see the Top 5 Best Matches of Batista

Batista vs Triple H (Vengeance 2005)


This is one of the best matches in the career of Batista and it was also one of the best Hell in a Cell matches of all time. This Rivalry between these two superstars was going on for the majority of 2005 and it culminated in this hellacious structure and it was a brutal match fr the start as both of them went all out at each other and they even wore masks and Triple H was bleeding from his mouth during the match and in the end after an incredible match, Triple H thought he would be winning the match but Batista was one step ahead of him and hit the Battista Bomb to win the match and the championship.

Batista vs Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan ( WrestleMania 30)

This was one of the most memorable matches in the career of Batista and all the fans of WWE in 2014 as their beloved Daniel Bryan won the nif one in the main event of WrestleMania. All the three performers were exceptional in this match and especially Batista and Randy Orton who were the bad guys who helped Daniel Bryan get more over during the match and as a result when the finish came as Daniel Bryan tapped out Batista, the crowd lost its mind and it was all thanks to Batista.

Evolution vs The Shield (Extreme Rules 2014)

This was probably one of the biggest six man tag team matches in history as it was the match that featured two of the biggest groups in WWE History in Evolution and The Shield and it came to a head in 2014 and as expected this match was every bit as good as everyone had hoped. All 6 of these superstars had amazing chemistry and the Shield were being cheered by the fans for everything and Evolution were being booed out of the building and Batista had an incredible performance as well and in the end The Shield won this match and the fans were happy.

Batista vs The Undertaker (Backlash 2007)

After their incredible match at WrestleMania 23 where The Undertaker beat Batista and extended the streak , Batista invoked his rematch clause and they eventually would have a last man standing match and the fans expected both these Superstars to deliver the goods again and yet again they stepped up and had an even better match at WrestleMania and they got brutal with each other and they tried everything to keep the other one for 10 and it came down to a spear by Batista but neither could get up before the count of 10. It helped the career of Batista in a big way.

Batista vs The Undertaker (WrestleMania 23)

This was by far the most important match in the career of Batista and he and The Undertaker were very upset that they were not the main event and they used all of their anger to put a banger of a match that day and they stole the show and the fans ate it up and Batista gave his best performance in his career and The Undertaker went above and beyond to establish this young star but in the end The Undertaker beat Batista to extend his WrestleMania streak to 15-0.

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