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Michael Jordan: The Greatest Ever?

Michael Jordan has been proclaimed by many as the The Greatest Ever to have played the game. Michael Jordan has won everything that he has looked forward to winning. NBA Championships, Dunk Contest, All-Star Game MVP, Finals MVP

Last updated: 06.04.2019
Michael Jordan playing Basketball | Sports Social Blog

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When People ask who is the best player in the game of basketball?  Then everyone has an answer which is Michael Jordan, there are people who might disagree and believe that LeBron James or Wilt Chamberlain or Bill Russell is the greatest to play.

Well, Jordan wasn’t a humble person, to begin with, and he was extremely confident with the abilities that he had. Michael Jordan is the person who put Nike out to the World and made them the Number One in the industry. There are people who argue by telling that there are people who have a greater number of championship rings than Michael ever had. The rare occasions where Jordan defied the laws of gravity and had dunks from the free throw line made us believe that he isn’t human. He was one of the greatest defenders to play the ball. He was a brilliant shooter, great passer of the ball, he could play as a point guard and handle the ball and had plenty of tricks up his sleeve to fool his defenders. There are very few athletes who play defence as well as they play offence, Jordan was one of them.


Jordan Facts:

Jordan's favorite jersey number was 23.  He was number 23 in high school and college as well as for his career with the Chicago Bulls. Only once did he wear another number when playing for them. On Valentine’s Day in 1990, a thief stole his jersey from the locker room before the game. Jordan tried on a fan’s replica jersey but it was too small. The equipment manager found an extra jersey that only had a number and no name on it. He was number 12 for the night and still scored 49 points. For more such interesting facts about Michael Jordan

Coming to the all-time statistics, Jordan averaged nearly 31 points per game,5 assists,6 rebounds, 2 steals,1 block per game. Not many could shoot 30 points back in the day as well as Jordan could. Jordan wasn’t a selfish player as of how others term him to be and it is very evident that he isn’t selfish by looking at his 5 assists per game stats. In 1996, he was not opposed to finding Steve Kerr for the game-winning shot and the championship. He was always determined to find a way to win and he did just that. He was named the Defensive Player of the Year in 1988. Jordan has won 6 NBA Championships and 6 Finals MVP awards which are more than any other NBA player. He has won the Finals MVP 3 straight times twice in his career.

Michael Jordan won regular season MVP award 5 times with Kareem Abdul Jabbar being the only one to surpass him on that with 6 regular season MVP awards. Michael Jordan has won everything that he has looked forward to winning. NBA Championships, Dunk Contest, All-Star Game MVP, Finals MVP

Michael Jordan has the most All defensive selections in NBA history tied with  Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett and Gary Payton. Jordan produced arguably the best individual performance in NBA history when he played Game 5 of the NBA Finals with the severe flu and had looked not fit to play. However, he shocked everyone and he powered through to score 38 points and help the Chicago Bulls secure the NBA title. There are players who may have won more championships like Bill Russell and players who have averaged 50 points per game in a season like Wilt Chamberlain and Jordan is not even the all-time scoring leader but if everyone wants a huge piece of everything into matters. Michael Jordan is the greatest of all time as he happens to be the entire package.

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