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Team Kevin Durant – All -Star 2022

In this blog, we are having a look at Kevin Durant and his team.Let’s have a look at the squad which KD has managed to build in his 1st ever year as an All-Star captain

Last updated: 18.02.2022
Team Kevin Durant – All -Star 2022

In the last blog, we covered the other half LeBron James, and his squad for the All-Star 2022, here we have a look at team KD. Kevin Durant has been on a tear this season before picking up an injury. He was 2nd in the total votes gained behind James, he got the second pick in the All-Star starters. Let’s have a look at the squad which KD has managed to build in his 1st ever year as an All-Star captain

However, Kevin Durant is expected to miss the All–Star game and Jayson Tatum has been replaced KD in the starting line-up


Joel Embiid – Philadelphia 76’ers

Points – 29.3, Rebounds – 11.1, Assists – 4.5, Blocks – 1.5

All – Star Appearances – 5

Embiid has been a lone warrior in the Philly squad. With the drama of Ben Simmons lingering throughout the offseason and half of the regular season, the fans around the globe had got Philly out of the Playoffs picture, but Embiid has single-handedly managed to rise the sinking ship of Philly and currently stands No.2 in NBA MVP ladder

Ja Morant – Memphis Grizzlies

Points – 26.8, Rebounds – 5.8, Assists – 6.9, Steals – 1.2      

All – Star Appearances – 1

Ja was supposed to be in the race of the most improved player this season after leading the team from Play-in to the Playoffs the last season, but the former No.2 pick has been a contender for MVP this season. The 1st time All–Star, Ja has been a young leader for the squad which is surprisingly 3rd in the stacked Western Conference.

Jayson Tatum – Boston Celtics

Points – 25.7, Rebounds – 8.4, Assists – 4.2, Steals – 1.0

All – Star Appearances – 3

A much struggling Boston Celtics have suddenly found the lost spark and was on a 10-game winning streak which was snapped by Detroit Pistons recently has found themselves off the Play-in seed to a Playoff position where they are currently at 6th seed in the Eastern Conference. The duo of Tatum and Brown have finally found their spark and are marching ahead.

Andrew Wiggins – Golden State Warriors

Points – 17.7, Rebounds – 4.2, Assists – 2.1, Steals – 1.0

All – Star Appearances – 1

One of the most surprising players to be included in the All-Star list is Andrew Wiggins, which is majorly due to his playing position. His regular playing position is at the Shooting Guard position where he was playing until last season when Klay Thompson was absent due to his injury concerns and now, he has been changed at Shooting Forward position in rotation which helped him gain more votes than the rest of the expected. But Wiggins's rise was expected alongside the All-Star trio of Klay, Curry, and Draymond.

Trae Young – Atlanta Hawks

Points – 27.8, Rebounds – 3.9, Assists – 8.9, Steals – 1.0

All – Star Appearances – 2

The lone shining star in the much struggling Hawks this season. Hawks are currently 10th in the regular-season standings in the Eastern Conference and are expected to fight for a Play-in position which is a very bar they have set for themselves considering how they performed last season defeating the New York Knicks and Philadelphia 76’ers in the Playoffs.


Devin Booker – Pheonix Suns

Points – 25.5, Rebounds – 5.2, Assists – 4.5, Steals – 1.0

All – Star Appearances – 3

Karl – Anthony Towns – Minnesota Timberwolves

Points – 24.4, Rebounds – 9.7, Assists – 4.0, Steals – 1.0, Blocks – 1.1

All – Star Appearances – 3

Zach Lavine – Chicago Bulls

Points – 24.6, Rebounds – 4.9, Assists – 4.5

All – Star Appearances – 2

Dejounte Murray – San Antonio Spurs

Points – 19.9, Rebounds – 8.3, Assists – 9.3, Steals – 2.0

All – Star Appearances – 1

Khris Middleton – Milwaukee Bucks

Points – 19.4, Rebounds – 5.5, Assists – 5.3, Steals – 1.2

All – Star Appearances – 3

LaMelo Ball – Charlotte Hornets

Points – 20.2, Rebounds – 7.0, Assists – 7.4, Steals – 1.6

All – Star Appearances – 1

Rudy Gobert – Utah Jazz

Points – 15.7, Rebounds – 14.8, Assists – 1.2, Blocks – 2.3

All – Star Appearances - 3

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