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Best F1 cars | Top 5 most iconic F1 cars of all time

Here we try to look at possibly the best F1 cars ever built in formula 1 history. There have been some amazing machines built in this time, which have made a reputation for taking win after win and dominating the competition.

Abhranil Roy
Last updated: 04.01.2021
Best F1 cars | Chase Your Sport

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Formula 1 has been around for 70 years now – in case you hadn’t heard – and there have been some remarkable machines competing in that time. Companies have invested millions each year on their race cars alone. Companies, sometimes, have a budget upward of $400 million dollars per season. With all those resources and cash, it's no wonder why F1 cars are some of the most technologically advanced vehicles on the planet.

There have been some amazing machines built in this time, which have made a reputation for taking win after win and dominating the competition. To illustrate this point, here are five of best F1 cars ever built:


5. Ferrari    F2002:

A bit like picking which of the Mercedes hybrid winners or which of the Red Bull early-2010s cars is the best, the only way to really differentiate between the Ferrari F1 cars of 2000-2004 is by the numbers. The 2002 and 2004 are the cars that really dominated, both winning 15 races, but the 2002 just about edges it by clinching those victories in one fewer race.

So dominant was Ferrari at this stage that it didn’t even introduce the F2002 until the third race of the 2002 season. And it would soldier on until the fourth race of the 2003 season. In fact if you take just the season the F2002 was originally designed to race in it won 14 of 15 races, giving it the same win ratio as the Alfetta.


4. McLaren MP4/6:


Like the McLaren MP4/4, McLaren had, once again, found the perfect formula for success. This time, the 1991 season would be another great showing from the two McLaren drivers Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost. On this occasion, Senna would get his revenge once more for Prost's actions in 1989 at Suzuka.

The weapon of choice this time around was the MP4/6. Of all the F1 cars in existence, the McLaren MP4/6 is, probably, one of the most beautiful race cars of them all. With outstanding looks, a powerful Honda engine, and two world-class drivers, the MP4/6 often found itself in first place or in a poster on a fan's wall.


3. Lotus 72:


The Ford V8-powered Lotus 72 was raced by the British outfit between 1970 and 1976, winning an incredible 20 races, three constructors’ championships and two drivers’ titles. It was updated throughout its time racing in F1, from the standard 72 introduced part-way through 1970 to the 72F that was then replaced by the Lotus 77.


2. Williams FW14:


The British team raced this great car in 1991 and 1992, using the updated FW14B in the latter. Sporting the well-known navy, yellow and white livery, the Adrian Newey-designed machine was the most technically sophisticated on the grid. By its final season, it had semi-automatic transmission, active suspension and traction control. It won 17 of the 32 races it competed in, dominating 1992 to win the constructors’ and drivers’ (Nigel Mansell) titles.


1. Mercedes AMG F1 W07 Hybrid:


Although the 2020 season may feel like complete dominance from Mercedes, it's nothing when compared with the 2016 season. After Hybrid V6's were mandated for the 2014 (and beyond) season, Mercedes has become the 'team to beat.' Moreover, the 2016 F1 season showed just how capable the German team was.

The 2016 season had a total of 21 races. Of these races, the W07 had 19 wins and a pole position start for nearly every race. What the W07 will really be remembered for, however, is the show between Mercedes teammates Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. The fighting was intense, but Rosberg ended up on top by Dubai, then abruptly retired after becoming the 2016 Formula One World Champion.


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