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Will Ospreay Signs for AEW

Will Osperay has made his decision and he has decided to join AEW. Let’s talk about Will Osperay signing for AEW.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 22.11.2023
Will Osperay at AEW Full Gear where he was revealed as new AEW signing 

Will Osperay has made his decision and he has decided to join AEW. He was announced as the marquee signing at AEW Full Gear and the fans were happy to see a wrestler of his stature and skills join the company. This is a huge win for the company and Tony Khan personally who did a lot of things to make sure that Will Ospreay Signs for AEW. Will Osperay has been teasing his new destination and all the wrestling fans have been speculating as to where he will land. AEW is the perfect place for him and he will be a huge Star at the company and champion very soon.

Let’s talk about Will Osperay signing for AEW

AEW get their marquee signing in Will Ospreay

There was talk around the Wrestling world for the past number of weeks as to where will Will Osperay go to next and there were a lot ip options for him. There was his existing company which was NJPW who wanted to keep him but he was asking too much of a price. So they allowed him to negotiate with other wrestling promotions and he and his agents talked to everyone. There was Impact Wrestling who tried to get him but they simply did not have the budget. WWE were also very interested in signing him and they were the only Threat to Tony Khan as they also had the money. However Tony Khan did something unprecedented which rarely happens, he bought out how NJPW contract till February 2024 and this allowed Will Osperay to be presented at AEW Full Gear. 

This is a huge signing for AEW because they needed star power as WWE is at their hottest and all the free agents want to go there and thrive under Triple H. Will Osperay could have been tempted by WWE but Tony Khan played his cards right in this case. He completely bought out how NJPW contract which made Will Osperay’s decision a lot easier. AEW have their new main event star and he will have bangers against everyone from MJF to Kenny Omega to Adam Cole to Bryan Danielson to Chris Jericho. Samoa Joe, Swerve Strickland, Hangman Adam Page, Jay White and others are there and he will have 5 star classics against each one of them. AEW Full Gear was one of the best shows of the year for AEW and they challenged WWE to one up then with Survivor Series WarGames which will be this Saturday.

Will Osperay has made his decision and AEW have made the first move and they are thrilled to bits, WWE were also actively pursuing Will Osperay so this is a big loss for them and they will be itching to make Survivor Series WarGames the best show possible and blow AEW Full Gear out of the water. They could make Survivor Series the biggest show of the year as more than 17,000 fans will come to the Allstate Arena in Chicago. Will Osperay could be the next AEW Champion and they will most likely retain MJF in 2024. It is an interesting time in Professional Wrestling and the fans are the ultimate winners as they get to see so many Incredible wrestlers perform in different companies

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