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Top 10 Players with most balls faced in Test cricket career

Check out here the list of top 10 players with most balls faced in test cricket career. Rahul Dravid leads the list with 31,258 balls faced in his entire test cricket career.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 14.04.2022
Top 10 Players with most balls faced in Test cricket career

We talked about the Top 10 Players who have faced the most balls in an innings in test cricket and now we will talk about the players who have faced the most balls in their test career and this is a list of players which all of our readers would know of.

The players that are on this list are some of the greatest ever to play the game of test cricket and they have been doing it or done it for a number of years and hence they are featured in this illustrious list of players. So, let’s see the Top 10 Players with most balls faced in Test cricket career.

Rahul Dravid (31258 Balls faced)

This legendary batter from India has the record for facing the most number of balls in test cricket and he is the only batter to have faced more than 30,000 balls in the history of test cricket. This shows how regularly Rahul Dravid would play long innings in test cricket and how often he would  stand there like a Wall for his nation and he did that for 16 years and all of the fans will forever love him and respect him.

Sachin Tendulkar (29437 Balls faced)

The second batter on this list is perhaps the greatest ever to play test cricket and that too for 24 years. The fact that he has faced 2000 less balls than Rahul Dravid even after playing 8 years more than him tells us that he liked playing aggressive cricket and he was very good at it. Sachin Tendulkar scored more than 15000 test runs and his legacy is unparalleled.

Jacques Kallis (28903 Balls faced)

The third batter on this list is probably the greatest all rounder of all time and the fact he is so high on balls faced and he will be high on the balls Bowled list as well says that he was an extraordinary player and he scored 45 test hundreds in his career as well.

Shivnarine Chanderpaul (27395 Balls faced)

The fourth batter on this list is a true legend of the game and one of the best left handed batters of all time. He used to play long innings while being in the middle for long periods and he has over 10000 test Runs to his name which is very impressive.

Allan Border (27002 Balls faced)

The first batter from Australia to feature on this list is one of their best ever in Allan Border and he was also the leader of the team and he led by example and showed his team how to play for longer periods of time in the crease and score lots of runs.

Alastair Cook (26562 Balls faced)

The first player from England that is on this list and it is their best ever test batter and Despite only having a 12 year career he is on this list is a staggering achievement and that means Alastair Cook has tormented the opposition a lot of times in his test career and scored a lot of runs over the years.

Mahela Jayawardene (22959 Balls faced)

The first of two batters from Sri Lanka that are featured on this list and it is one of the true greats of the game and Mahela Jayawardene was one of the two Sri Lankan batters who would nat and bat and just score heaps of runs and the opposition was always on the back foot.

Kumar Sangakkara (22882 Balls faced)

The batting partner of Mahela Jayawardene is number 8 on this list and Kumar Sangakkara was the backbone of the Sri Lankan team for so many years and he and Mahela were one of the best batting duos on test cricket history and both of them being in this list is proof of that.

Ricky Ponting (22782 Balls faced)

The second batter from Australia that is featuring on this list and it is probably their best test batter in the last 25 years and he always used to score runs at a fast pace and that’s the reason why he was able to score so many runs with lesser balls faced.

Steve Waugh (22461 Balls faced)

The last batter on this list is another legendary Aussie batter and a true inspiration and a role model for so many young Aussie players who looked up to him. He also scored tons of runs for Australia and Steve Waugh will always have a special place amongst cricket fans worldwide.

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