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Logan Paul as the WWE United States Champion is best for business

Let’s talk about the decision to make Logan Paul as the United States Champion. Logan Paul is the best celebrity wrestler in WWE history and he is the first one to become a champion.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 17.11.2023
WWE United States Champion Logan Paul 

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Logan Paul recently became the United States Champion in WWE and it has been a move that has turned out to be a great one in the short time since he has been the Champion. Logan Paul is the best celebrity wrestler in WWE history and he is the first one to become a champion. The quality of matches he has had in WWE is a testament to his incredible skills and his hardwork. Logan Paul has become one of the best in the world in just under 2 years. Logan Paul has had championship matches against Roman Reigns and he has wrestled the likes of The Miz. 

Let’s talk about the decision to make Logan Paul as the United States Champion

Logan Paul as the United States Champion is best for business

WWE has struck a goldmine with Logan Paul and the United States Champion. Rey Mysterio was the US Champion for a few months and then it was time for change because WWE is a business and recently they have been under the Endeavor umbrella. Triple H understands the advantages of having a social media star Logan Paul as the champion. Logan Paul has already taken the IS Championship to UFC 295 where he shouted out Dominik Mysterio who is becoming his good friend and tag team partner in WWE. Logan Paul will take that Championship to all his events he goes to and WWE will get free publicity and more people will get to know about them and watch their product.


Logan Paul has only been wrestling since early 2022 which means it has not even been 2 years and he has had less than 10 Matches in WWE. When he first arrived in WWE every WWE fan hated him because of his previous life but as soon as they saw that he is pretty great at Wrestling and that he loves WWE with all his heart then they slowly started coming for him. It took time and it was not till the match he had against Roman Reigns as WWE Crown Jewel 2022 that all Wrestling fans saw that he had one of the best Matches in the title reign of Roman Reigns. Logan Paul took Roman Reigns to the limit and the WWE fans finally started loving him. It has become now that any match Logan Paul is in, the fans know that it will be one of the best matches on the show. 

Logan Paul has earned this level of trust and confidence from the work he has put in. Now as the United States Champion he will be an even better heel and he will go to all these events such as UFC, Boxing events and there he will cut promos on WWE superstars. Triple H has given Logan Paul a free hand , just that he should not do anything controversial. He will have Matches at the Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber and at WrestleMania. The dream match of Logan Paul vs Bad Bunny can also happen as 2 natives of Puerto Rico will have a match that will be talked about worldwide and WWE will get all the press in the world for that. Logan Paul deserves all the money that WWE is giving him and the fact that he is in his mid 20s means that he can contribute more than a decade to WWE. He will have a long Reign as the United States Champion and it will be absolutely glorious. 

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