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Sasha Banks vs Bayley Rivalry History

In this article, Check out Sasha Banks vs Bayley Rivalry History. This is a unique Rivalry as they were both opponents as well as teammates in these 9 years that they were together in WWE.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 26.01.2023
Sasha Banks vs Bayley Rivalry History

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One of the greatest women’s Rivalries in WWE history is the long standing rivalry that was between Sasha Banks and Bayley. Theirs is a unique Rivalry as they were both opponents as well as teammates in these 9 years that they were together in WWE. Sadly Sasha Banks is no longer with WWE at the moment so the WWE fans will not get to see these 2 incredible wrestlers go at it for some time

Sasha Banks and Bayley are the reason that so many young girls wanted to become professional wrestlers as they saw the quality of matches that they had in the ring and everyone thought that they could be like them. So, other than the fact that they have had a legendary feud, the impact that they have left is far more important. 

So, let’s look at this historic rivalry.


The Start

It all started in NXT in 2014 when Sasha Banks and Bayley were together in the NXT roster and they were looking for an opportunity to prove themselves. Then after a year of having excellent matches and Sasha Banks becoming the NXT Women’s Champion, in 2015 finally the time came for these 2 to go Head to Head and it was held in Brooklyn in 2015 and the match that they had at that night changed women’s wrestling forever. A lot of WWE fans say that it is the greatest match in women’s wrestling.

The Main Roster Beckons

In 2015 Sasha Banks came to the main roster along with Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair and they changed the game for the women in WWE and the following WrestleMania these 3 women had the match for the Women’s Championship. Then in 2016 , Bayley got the call up and she and Sasha Banks were a team for a while and then they also fought against each other as Sasha Banks turned on Bayley a few times.

The Thunderdome MVPs

The year 2020 came around and Covid struck the world and everything came to a standstill and WWE adapted as firstly they were operating our if the PC and Sasha Banks and Bayley were the stars of that era as Bayley was the SmackDown Women’s Champion and her and Sasha Banks were together and they also won the WWE Women’s tag team titles and they were on Raw and SmackDown and they were having excellent matches with everyone. Everyone wanted to beat them and the result was excellent WWE programming.

The Bayley Heel Turn

This was a very important part of their Rivalry history because till then Sasha Banks was the one who would turn on Bayley and during the Thunderdome era when they both were going strong, Bayley was itching to get her moment to turn on Sasha and finally that moment arrived and the heel turn was vicious and the beating she gave Sasha Banks was one for the ages and WWE gave it time and the fans felt every blow that Sasha Banks was getting. It was an excellent heel turn.

They had a great feud on the main roster

Since the time they came to the main roster in 2016, they and the WWE Universe were waiting for them to have a great and a long feud and finally the fans got that when Bayley turned heel on Sasha Banks and they went on to have an emotional feud and the Matches that they had as a result were some of the best including the Hell in a Cell match that they had which was again one of the best Women’s Matches of all time. And Sasha Banks beat Bayley to win the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

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