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Top 5 Best Charlotte Flair Matches

Charlotte Flair is one of the best female WWE superstars of all time. Charlotte Flair has had so many incredible matches in just 7 years. Here we look at her best five matches.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 11.03.2022
Top 5 Best Charlotte Flair Matches

Charlotte Flair is one of the best female WWE superstars of all time and not only that she is one of the best wrestlers in the world at the moment and she delivers in every match she takes part in and she makes the opponent in the ring with her better out of it. She has been at the top of her game for more than 7 years and she shows no signs of slowing down. While the fans may not like her getting pushed all the time , they respect her wrestling abilities and know that her matches will be among the best on the shows.

Charlotte Flair has had so many incredible matches in just 7 years that it’s Beth difficult to pick the Top 5 Best Matches of her career so far but we will try our best to pick the best matches. So , let’s take a lot ok at the Top 5 Best Charlotte Flair Matches so far.

Charlotte Flair vs Becky Lynch (Evolution 2018)

While both Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch have had a lot of amazing matches in WWE, this last woman standing match that they had at the first ever all women’s PPV in 2018 is still the best match of both their careers so far and it would take something really special for Charlotte Flair to have a better match than this in her career. This was a brutal, menacing and awesome match which showed the brutality bof both these women to the fore and they used so many weapons in this match and in such innovative ways that the audience was captivated from the start. The fans were given a treat of a match and after almost 30 minutes Becky Lynch powerbombed Charlotte Flair through a table for the 10 count for the win.

Charlotte Flair vs Becky Lynch vs Asuka (TLC 2018)

The first ever Women’s TLC match was between three of the best female wrestlers in WWE and it was for the SmackDown women’s championship and it was expected that these women would give us a banger and that’s exactly what we got as all these 3 ladies put their bodies on the line and were going all out at each other with all the three weapons at their disposal and after a great 25 minute match it was Asuka who won the title but it was another incredible showing for Charlotte Flair.

Charlotte Flair vs Rhea Ripley vs Io Shirai (NXT Takeover In Your House)

This was the match for the NXT Women’s title and ur was the main event of this show and it was hope that these three incredible wrestlers would put on a clinic for the fans and they did not disappoint. It was a hard hitting affair as all 3 of them showed off their lines and entertained the fans throughout and it was only getting better and better as the match went along so when the finish came it was a classic and in the rye Io Shirai won the NXT Women’s title and everyone was happy.

Charlotte Flair vs Ronda Rousey (Survivor Series 2018)

This match was originally supposed to be Becky Lynch vs Ronda Rousey but just a few days before Becky was concussed and Charlotte Flair took her place in the match and both Flair and Rousey had only 4-5 fays for coming together with a great match and what we got out of these two was a work of art as both these women went to town with each other and the fans were into it and the counters in this match were top notch and they went at it for 25 minutes before Charlotte Flair caused the DQ. This gives the fans a lot of hope that their match at WrestleMania 38 for the SmackDown women’s Championship would be better than this one they had.

Charlotte Flair vs Asuka ( WrestleMania 34)

This was the most important match in the career of Charlotte Flair until that point and she wanted to put on a star making performance and that’s what exactly what she and Asuka did in this match as it was two incredible wrestlers going to work and the fans there at WrestleMania 34 were there for every move that they were doing and they pulled out all the stops for this match and in the end Charlotte Flair tapped out Asuka hence ending her 914 day unbeaten streak. This match solidified Charlotte Flair at the top of the industry.

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