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Top 5 Best Sasha Banks Matches

Sasha Banks is one of those performers who can be guaranteed to have a great match and elevate her opponents at the same time. Here we look at the best Sasha Banks matches.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 11.03.2022
Top 5 Best Sasha Banks Matches

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Like we discussed in the case of Charlotte Flair, in the same vein is Sasha Banks who is also one of the best wrestlers in the world for the last 7- 8 years and since her time in NXT, she is known to steal the show almost every time she wrestles so we are here to discuss about the best matches of this incredible superstar who gives so much joy to all the fans of WWE and her peak is in front of her so there is no idea as to how many more amazing wrestling Matches she will have in the future.

Sasha Banks is one of those performers who can be guaranteed to have a great match and elevate her opponents at the same time so it is no surprise that she already has had some amazing matches in her career and the sky's the ceiling for her in the future. So, let’s look at the Top 5 Best Sasha Banks Matches.

Sasha Banks vs Bayley (NXT Takeover Brooklyn 2015)


This is not only the best match of the careers of Sasha Banks and Bayley but maybe the greatest women’s  wrestling match of all time and that is saying a lot but this match was absolute perfection from start to end and this match had people feeling emotions that any wrestling fan only feels on the rarest of rare occasions and this match was the rarest of the rare as both these amazing wrestlers gave it their all to entertain the fans and at the end of it the winner was Women’s  wrestling as after this match so many young girls wanted to take up professional wrestling as a profession. Simply astonishing what this match achieved.

Sasha Banks vs Bayley (NXT Takeover Respect)

Coming from their once in a lifetime match at Brooklyn, both of these ladies decided to up the ante as a 30 minute Iron Woman match was set up for the next Takeover event and they were the deserving main event. They had such an amazing match again that it brought everyone to tears and again proved how great of an in ring chemistry they had between them. For 30 minutes they went all out and earned the respect of everyone yet again and they were at the very top of professional wrestling and no one deserved it more and it was established that Sasha Banks was a very special performer.

Sasha Banks vs Bianca Belair (WrestleMania 37)

The biggest match in the career of Sasha Banks even after achieving so many history making moments as this one was at the top of the list for her and for her to be able to share this with an incredible athlete like Bianca Belair was very special to see and it represented the very best of WWE. They were under immense pressure and in that environment to produce such a special match was nothing short of electrifying. Even as I am writing about it , I am getting emotional and getting goosebumps , both these ladies were exceptional in this match and a new star in Bianca Belair was made that night. It was an honor to be able to witness this classic.

Sasha Banks vs Charlotte Flair vs Becky Lynch (WrestleMania 32)

This match was also very special for all involved as it was the first time the women wrestlers were not called as Divas but as superstars and these three were the chosen ones to take the next step in that evolution and they did not disappoint. To perform at such a high level when more than 100,000 people are watching from the stands and millions from their homes was amazing. These three had such amazing chemistry and they were bringing their A game and moves which were unseen before and after a 25 minute match Charlotte Flair won the match but the real winner was Women’s wrestling yet again.

Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch (Hell in a Cell 2019)

This match was among the most anticipated matches on that show because it was two of the best women of WWE at that time going for the Raw Women’s title inside the hell in a cell structure and both these women were brutal with each other throughput the match as they used a lot of weapons and beat the living crap out of each other and neither wanted to lose but after almost half an hour of brilliance Becky Lynch won the match but Sasha Banks helped Becky Lynch have such a Goud match and that’s what she does everytime.

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