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The Rock Net Worth, Endorsements and Career

The Rock net worth as of 2021 is estimated around $320 million. Here we look at his net worth in rupees, endorsements and the career.


Harsh Chopra

Sun Dec 19 2021

The Net Worth of the Rock as of 2021 is $320 million. Here we will look at the Net Worth Endorsements and Career of The Rock.

The Rock is one of the biggest professional wrestlers of all time. He transcended the business unlike any other. He became one of the greatest Heels in the wrestling business and after he was done with wrestling, he took the route to Hollywood and now is widely considered as the biggest movie star in the world. His movies are big events and he has lots of fans around the world. Recently he has signed to play Black Adam in the DC Universe as well.

The Rock WWE Career :

The Rock first debuted in WWE at Survivor Series,1996 and he made an instant impact but slowly people started disliking his character so he switched his role to being a heel and his career took a turn for the better and his rivalry with Stone Cold Steve Austin took him to the top of the industry. He also had memorable WrestleMania matches against Hulk Hogan, John Cena and many others. Now the fans want him to have one last match against his cousin Roman Reigns.

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The Rock Hollywood Career :

The Rock entered Hollywood in the early 2000s and never looked back. His roles in The Scorpion King, Hercules, GI 1 and his involvement in the Fast and Furious franchise made him the top star in Hollywood. He is also the highest paid actors in the world with $80 million per year. Now, he has expanded to the DC Universe with Black Adam and his films Jungle Cruise and Red Notice did very well as well.

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The Rock Endorsements :

The Rock being the biggest star in Hollywood has its perks and one of them being Endorsements galore for The Great One. He is an extremely marketable face and he charges a lot for each Endorsement. Some of his Endorsements include Make a Wish foundation, The Red Cross, Kids Wish network etc.

The Rock Net Worth :

The Net Worth of The Rock is $320 million which includes movies, Endorsements , appearances etc. His stock has risen a lot in the last decade and he is getting bigger films and thus his net worth is going to get more higher each year. Due to his high net worth, The Rock owns a lot of cars as well, they include Ford F-150 Custom, Ferrari Laferrari, Rolls Royce Wrath and Lamborghini Huracan.

Profile :


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Net Worth

$320 million

Net Worth in Rupees

2,412 crore Rupees


$80 million

Date of Birth

May 2,1972


6ft 4 inches


Actor and Professional Wrestler



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