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Top 5 WWE superstars with most SmackDown appearances

The SmackDown show was started in 1999 after its name was given by the Rock. Here we look at the Top 5 WWE superstars with most SmackDown appearances.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 10.01.2022
WWE superstars with most SmackDown appearances

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The SmackDown show was started in 1999 after its name was given by the Rock and was thought to be a viable alternative to Raw where not all the superstars get the opportunity to shine and show their skills so this would be the land of opportunities for the lesser utilized talent of WWE at that point of time.

During its 22 year run in WWE, SmackDown has become the launching pad for many careers in the 2000s with the most famous being John Cena when he debuted in 2002 to face off against Kurt Angle and kick off the ruthless aggression era . There have been a few superstars who have made SmackDown their home and had a lot of matches on the blue brand. Let’s look at the Top 5 WWE superstars with most SmackDown appearances.

1. Rey Mysterio (332 appearances): 


Rey Mysterio is the one superstar who is synonymous with SmackDown as he has had most of his matches and success on the blue brand. He arrived on SmackDown in 2002 and immediately took it by storm with his unique style and his incredible wrestling and everyone wanted to work with him as well. He has had a staggering 332 matches on SmackDown and won 209 of those and he was defeated a mere 109 times in his illustrious career on the blue brand and he is all the Wrestling legend and a WWE hall of Famer soon. All the fans love him a lot still to this day.


2. Big Show (321 appearances): 

Big Show is one superstar who made his name on SmackDown and rose from match to match and got better with time. He got a helping hand from Eddie, Rey Mysterio and the others and he was an unique wrestler as he was the biggest of them all by a fair margin and this allowed him to dominate a number of his opponents. Out of his 321 matches on the blue brand he won an impressive 184 times and was only beaten 106 times by other WWE superstars. He is a great blue brand and we wish him well in his future.


3. Kane (318 appearances): 

The appearance of the Big Red Machine Kane in both the Top 5 lists of most appearances on Raw and SmackDown shows how incredible of a worker he was for both brands and he can be considered a legend on both brands and that’s very rare for any WWE superstar so it tells us how big of a legend he is and he is deservedly in the hall of fame. Out of his 321 matches in the blue brand he has won 151 matches and lost a fair number of 143 matches, he at the fag end of his career wanted to establish new stars so he used to lose to them to make the other superstar feel legit .


4. Dolph Ziggler (307 appearances): 

Dolph Ziggler is one superstar who doesn’t get the amount of respect he deserves and he is one of the best wrestlers WWE has in the last 15 years and he is a true veteran of the game and knows how to build a story and engage the crowd. In his 307 matches he had on SmackDown he won 137 matches and lost 162 matches which shows that he was being used to establish new stars as he is a legend and he knows that WWE needs new stars all the time.


5. Matt Hardy (270 appearances): 

One of the greatest tag team wrestlers Matt Hardy also had an incredible singles career on SmackDown but his dominant part was being a tag team with his brother Jeff Hardy. They were the best tag team in the early 2000s and that’s the reason he had so many matches on the blue brand. Out of the 270 matches he had , Matt Hardy won 131 out of those and lost 123 matches and we wish him well in the new phase of his career.

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