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The Best Players at Each Position in the 2019 NBA Draft

NBA 2019 Draft is less than a month away. Let us take a look at Best Players available for each position in the 2019 NBA Draft like the most hyped one Zion Williamson and more. 

Last updated: 06.06.2019
Zion Williamson | Best picks for each position in NBA Draft 2019 | Sports Social Blog

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With the 2019 NBA Draft less than a month away, the New Orleans Pelicans have set their eyes on Zion Williamson, who’s one of the most hyped and intriguing prospects in the NBA history. Throughout the course of every NBA Draft, there will always be a couple of All-Star players, a couple of franchise players, a couple of busts and many average role players. This year’s draft is seen as a three player draft with the number four pick a mystery and it’s going to be very intriguing to see who the Lakers will select at number four in the draft.

With that said let’s look at the best players available at each position in the 2019 NBA Draft.

#1. Point Guard – Ja Morant


Morant has shown ultimate skills to be bagged as the No. 1 Point Guard in the draft.

Ja Morant is pretty much a lock for the second overall pick by Memphis and Memphis Grizzlies is a great spot for him, not only is he going to help the team in the rebuilding process but it’s a great place where he can make his own spot by his talents and become a franchise face. The 6’3’’ sophomore was absolutely filthy and averaged 24.5 points, 10 assists and almost 6 rebounds on 50% shooting from the field and had multiple triple-doubles last season leading to absolutely destroy the Marquette in the NCAA tournament. Ja Morant is a dynamic athlete who has Russell Westbrook athleticism and makes his teammates better, has all the tools offensively similar to De’Aaron Fox in terms of his quickness and has shown a lot of leadership in his two years at Murray State.

#2. Shooting Guard – R.J. Barrett

Barrett could be picked by the Knicks as the No. 3 overall pick in the draft.

R.J. Barrett is most likely headed to the New York Knicks. At 6’7’’ the lefty two-guard averaged 22 points, 7.6 rebounds and 4.3 assists his freshman season. He has got the potential to become a franchise player as he is extremely polished as a scorer, very crafty finishing in transition, great knockdown shooter and able to switch multiple positions on defense with quick feet. Barrett has superstar potential written all over him and it’s just a matter of time when a coach spots him takes his skills to another level. Read also here about the Best Shooters in NBA history

#3. Small Forward – De’Andre Hunter

Virginian Small-Forward has the capability of being a great shooter.

The 6’7’’ sophomore out of Virginia can play multiple positions on both ends of the floor. He is a player with a great understanding of the game and doesn’t take any possessions off and plays under control all the time. Hunter has an excellent feel for the game with all the best mid-range jumpers. He is capable of creating his own shot off the dribble and also pass the ball whenever one of his teammates is open. He isn’t great at any one particular position but does a little bit of everything on both offense and defense.

#4. Power Forward – Zion Williamson

Zion has been the man against the boys in the NCAA tournament.

There is not even a question for one of the most unique prospects to ever come out in the NBA this year out of college basketball. At 6’7’’ and 285 pounds with his insane dunks Zion has all the strands skills and hype in the world before even entering into the NBA Draft and it is pretty much guaranteed at this point of time that he’ll be the number one overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft. Zion has been made comparisons with LeBron James at his size and athleticism and his will to become one of the greats of all time to play the game. Zion has been a man amongst the boys in the NCAA tournament and it would be great to see how he’s going to turn up against the men in NBA. Also check the list we picked about the best nba power forwards of all time.

#5. Center – Jaxson Hayes

Hayes has great potential to grow as a powerful Center in the NBA.

The 6’11’’, a 19-year-old freshman from the University of Texas who averaged 10 points, 5 rebounds and over 2 blocks in only 24 minutes played per game. He has all the physical tools including a massive 7’4’’ wingspan, a defensive specialist who is very similar to Jarett Allen of the Brooklyn Nets. At 220 pounds he’ll eventually get bigger easily by hitting the weight room. He doesn’t have much of an outside game and gets most of his baskets on dunks and putbacks. He comes from a very athletic family as his father played 12 seasons in the NFL as a tight end on his career. Read here also about the greatest centers in NBA history

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