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Albert Park Circuit Information Stats and Key Facts

This track has a rich history In the Formula 1. In this article, check out the Albert Park Circuit Information Stats and Key Facts about it.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 29.03.2022
Albert Park Circuit Information Stats and Key Facts

Now that the first two races of the new Formula 1 season are done, it is time to look forward to the third race of the season which will be held in two weeks in Melbourne Australia and this has been one of the most favorite tracks for the drivers to drive on and seeing what the second race was like , the expectations for this race are sky high so we are here to look at the track that will be the home for all the drivers in a couple of weeks.

This track has a rich history In the Formula 1 and thus it is the third race of this season and the Aussie fans come out in large numbers to support the drivers and enjoy a wonderful race and be a part of history each year. The season currently is evenly poised with Ferrari leading the way in both the drivers and the constructors championship so will any of the other drivers challenge them when they meet in Australia.

Information :

The Albert Park Circuit held non world championship races in the 1950s but it was added to the World Championship calendar in the year 1996 and for more than 25 years this has been a regular fixture in the Formula 1 season every year. Adelaide was the home of the Australian Grand Prix before it was replaced by Melbourne and this circuit. Before it was the last race of the season but recently it has become one of the earlier races of the season and this year it will be the third race. This track is a temporary facility and the Safety Car is deployed in these races almost every year.

Stats :


Melbourne, Australia


Australia Grand Prix

In the F1 calendar since 


Circuit type

Street Circuit

Length of a lap

5.279 kms

Total Race laps


Lap record on this circuit

1.24.125 by Michael Schumacher in 2004

Fastest lap on this circuit

1.21.264 by Lewis Hamilton in 2018 Qualifying

Maximum speed on this track

321.1 km/h

DRS Zones in Race

2 Zones

Race Number in the season

3rd Race


Key Facts :

The first race in the Formula 1 World Championship in this circuit was in 1996 but however it was opened on 20th November 1953 for the first time.

Since 2021 there are a total of 14 turns in the Albert Park Circuit and the length of the track has also changed to 5.279 kms

The drivers with the most number of wins in this track are Lex Dawson and Michael Schumacher with 4 wins each

The constructions with the most wins at this Grand Prix are Ferrari and McClaren with 12 Race Wins each.

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