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Mercedes F1 sponsors 2023

A look at the Mercedes F1 Sponsors 2023. Mercedes Racing, which won eight straight drivers' and constructors' championships between 2014 and 2021, is among the most dominating and successful Formula 1 teams.

Last updated: 17.10.2023
Mercedes F1 sponsors 2023

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Mercedes Racing, which won eight straight drivers' and constructors' championships between 2014 and 2021, is among the most dominating and successful Formula 1 teams. The group also enjoys a significant level of economic success, with some of the biggest and most prominent sponsors from a variety of sectors. 

In this blog article, we'll look at some of Mercedes F1 sponsors for the 2023 season and how their relationships with the team benefit them.



Since joining the team as the primary sponsor and technical partner in 2010, Petronas has served as the official title partner and fuel supplier for Mercedes Racing. An annual fee of about $100 million is paid by the Malaysian oil and gas corporation to have its emblem displayed on the front of Mercedes Racing vehicles as well as on the team's digital platforms and fan interaction initiatives. Additionally, Petronas offers technical assistance and knowledge to Mercedes Racing in addition to its high-performance fuels, lubricants, and fluids.


Since 2020, Ineos has joined Mercedes Racing as a performance partner and co-owner, serving as the team's major partner and rear-wing sponsor. An estimated $100 million is paid annually by the British chemical business to have its emblem shown on Mercedes Racing's rear wing, as well as on the team's digital platforms and cutting-edge initiatives. A third of Mercedes Racing is also owned by Ineos, together with Daimler AG and Toto Wolff.


Since 2022, Snapdragon has served as Mercedes Racing's front wing sponsor and official technology partner, replacing FTX, which had a one-year contract. A $50 million annual fee is paid by the American semiconductor giant to have its emblem displayed on Mercedes Racing's front wing as well as on the team's digital platforms and technological advancements. Additionally, Snapdragon offers its cutting-edge CPUs, modems, and software for mobile devices, networking, and artificial intelligence to Mercedes Racing.


Since 2022, G42 has served as the official artificial intelligence partner and innovation centre for Mercedes Racing, serving as the team's side pod sponsor. The Emirati technology business pays over $40 million yearly to have its brand shown on the side pods of Mercedes Racing as well as on the team's online resources and research initiatives. Mercedes Racing and G42 work together to create innovative AI solutions for fan interaction, data analysis, and performance improvement.


Since 2022, Akkodis has served as the team's official battery partner and halo sponsor, joining as the team's leader in sustainability and battery technology. The Swedish battery manufacturer spends over $30 million a year to have the team's digital channels, as well as the halo of Mercedes Racing, display its emblem. High-density batteries, chargers, and recycling systems for hybrid engines, electric cars, and renewable energy are also made available to Mercedes Racing by Akkodis.

Mercedes Racing has a number of significant sponsors for the 2023 season, but there are many more that provide the team with additional assistance. TeamViewer, UBS, IWC Schaffhausen, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise are a few examples of official partners that support Mercedes Racing's operations and business with goods and services. Some of the official sponsors who joined the squad in 2022 or 2023 with multi-year contracts include Solera, Nuvei, Einhell, and AMD. The Ritz Carlton, Sherwin Williams, Tommy Hilfiger, and Monster Energy are a few of the recognized vendors who support the gastronomic and social needs of Mercedes Racing.

Some of the official technical suppliers that contribute goods and services to Mercedes Racing's engineering and racing are Puma, Police, OZ Racing, and Endless. Some of the official regional partners that serve certain markets and locations where Mercedes Racing has a significant presence include Pirelli, Pure Storage, Eight Sleep, and mCloud.

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