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Red Bull Racing Team Sponsors 2023

A look at the Red Bull Racing Team Sponsors 2023. Red Bull Racing is one of the most inventive and competitive Formula 1 teams.

Last updated: 21.10.2023
Red Bull Racing Team Sponsors 2023

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With a history of four consecutive drivers' and constructors' championships between 2010 and 2013, Red Bull Racing is one of the most inventive and competitive Formula 1 teams. The group also enjoys a significant level of economic success, with some of the biggest and most prominent sponsors from a variety of sectors. 


In this blog article, we'll examine some of Red Bull Racing Team Sponsors for the 2023 campaign and how their relationships with the team benefit them.


After a six-year partnership with Aston Martin, Oracle has become Red Bull Racing's official championship partner and shirt sponsor since 2022. One of the most valuable shirt sponsorship deals in Formula 1 is with the American technology corporation, which pays almost $300 million annually to have its emblem shown on the front of Red Bull Racing's vehicles. Red Bull Racing's digital and innovation ambitions are supported by Oracle in a variety of ways, including by advancing the team's data analytics, cloud computing, and AI capabilities.


Since 2022, Bybit has been Red Bull Racing's major partner and front-wing sponsor in addition to serving as the team's cryptocurrency exchange partner, tech incubator partner, and partner for the issue of fan tokens. The Singapore-based company spends over $150 million a year to have Red Bull Racing display its brand on the team's front wing, digital platforms, and fan interaction initiatives. Additionally, Bybit works with Redbull Racing on a number of projects that are inspired by cryptocurrencies, such as the introduction of the team's own fan token and NFT line.


After a 12-year association, Honda has taken over as Red Bull Racing's official power unit supplier as of 2019. The Japanese company charges Red Bull Racing over $100 million per year for its hybrid engines, as well as for technical assistance and knowledge. The engine cover, side pods, and rear wing of Red Bull Racing all have the Honda emblem. With Max Verstappen, Honda assisted Redbull Racing in capturing their fifth drivers' and constructors' championships in 2021 and 2022.


Since 2016, Puma has taken over for Infiniti as the officially licensed partner and racing wear supplier of Red Bull Racing. The cost of the race suits, shoes, and team gear that Red Bull Racing receives from the German sportswear business each year is over $50 million. Red Bull Racing's race suits, helmets, and caps all feature the Puma emblem.

Cash App

Since 2021, Cash App has served as the personal finance platform for Red Bull Racing and is the team's official financial education partner. The American app pays Red Bull Racing $20 million a year to display its brand on the team's barge boards, as well as on its digital platforms and educational initiatives. Additionally, Red Bull Racing staff members and fans may use Cash App's special financial advice and insights.

Red Bull Racing has a number of significant sponsors for the 2023 season, but there are many more that provide the team with additional assistance. For instance, some of the official technical partners that offer goods and services to Red Bull Racing's engineering and operations are Mobil 1, Esso, Zoom, and Siemens. Fans of Red Bull Racing may have fun and place bets through official entertainment partners including Hard Rock International, Pokerstars, and Interwetten. Some of the official regional partners that serve particular markets and areas where Red Bull Racing has a significant presence are Rauch, Rokt, and Blenders.

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