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Top 5 F1 Drivers with most wins in F1 history

In this article, check out the top 5 F1 drivers with most wins in F1 history. Lewis Hamilton is leading the list with 103 wins and counting.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 10.04.2022
F1 Drivers with most wins in F1 history

This article about Formula 1 is one of the most important ones as we will talk about the drivers that have won the most Formula 1 races in their career and the people who are on this list are surely some of the greatest ever to race in this sport as the more races they will win the more their reputation will grow and they will become more better. Winning a F1 race is one of the hardest things in sport and to win a lot of races is astounding.

This prestigious list features the who’s who of Formula 1 and to win these many races in such a difficult sport is something to be extremely proud of and this will enhance their legacy. So, let’s see the Top 5 Formula 1 drivers who have won most races in Formula 1 history.

1. Lewis Hamilton (103 Wins and counting): 

The most winningest driver in the history of Formula 1 and Lewis Hamilton is ahead by some distance which shows how often he wins races in this sport and to be the first one to win 100 races in his Formula 1 career is simply a staggering achievement as no other driver has come close to this number and he is only getting better and better so there’s no telling as to how many more wins he will have when his career is over. A once in a lifetime driver and the biggest superstar in this sport.


2. Michael Schumacher (91 Wins): 

The number 2 driver on this list is also one of the greatest drivers in the history of Formula 1 and before Lewis Hamilton was a superstar, there was only Michael Schumacher who was synonymous with F1 and he won 7 World Championships in his career and he was the most beloved as well until recently he had a freak accident and since then he has not been able to move. One of the most popular sports persons in history.


3. Sebastian Vettel (53 Wins and counting): 

The third driver in this list is the great Sebastian Vettel from Germany and the difference between the second and the third driver on this list is enough to tell us the level of drivers that the first two were. Sebastian Vettel is also in the conversation for the greatest of this sport and he has won 4 F1 titles and he is still going very strong so he can add a few more race wins to the tally and maybe take it to 60 by the time his career is over.


4. Alan Prost (51 Wins): 

He was the greatest driver in Formula 1 in the 1980s and 1990s and he was the driver who was the benchmark during that time and he won 4 FW World Championships during his time and there were only a few other drivers who were close to him and he dominated this spirt during that time and he still is revered across the sport and by all the drivers of today as well.


5. Ayrton Senna (41 Wins): 

The fifth driver on this list is the second driver from the 1980s and along with Alan Prost they both were the two most dominant drivers of that time as Ayrton Senna won 3 F1 Championships in his time and these two won 7 of the 10 titles during their prime so that is proof of their dominance and just like Alan Prost he is also widely respected even today and his legacy is unparalleled.


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