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Top 5 F1 Drivers with Most consecutive race wins in F1 history

In this article, check out the top 5 F1 drivers with most consecutive race wins in F1 history. Only the best of the best will be able to win consecutive races and get on this list.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 11.04.2022
Top 5 F1 Drivers with Most consecutive race wins in F1 history

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Winning is one thing but to win a lot of races on the trot is something that is a very special achievement and that not a lot of drivers are able to accomplish and only the ones who are the best of the best will be able to win consecutive races and get on this list and the names on this list are some of the best drivers in Formula 1 history.

The drivers who are on this list have gone on to win the big one and that is the F1 Championship and that says everything we need to know about this incredible record in formula 1 and we hope that more names will be added in the future as well who will win more championships as well. Let’s see who are the Top 5 F1 Drivers with most consecutive race wins.

Sebastian Vettel (9 Consecutive Race Wins)


The first name on this list is someone who is simply one of the greatest of all time and during the time he was dominant there was simply no other driver on the circuit that was on his level and he absolutely dominated Formula 1 during his prime. This incredible winning streak is from the 2013 season where he won 9 races on the trot which is astonishing. The Grand Prix that he won during this streak are the Belgian, Italian, Singapore, Korean, Japanese, Indian, Abu Dhabi, United States and Brazilian Grand Prix meaning he covered the entire world during his streak and fans from all around the world were lucky to witness this greatness.

Alberto Ascari (7 Consecutive Race Wins)

The next name in this list is someone who is from the 1950s so we can imagine the level of achievement this truly is and this driver from Italy was in the run of his life during the 1952-53 seasons as he won 7 races on the trot across the two seasons and cemented his legacy. His streak started in 1952 with the Belgian Grand Prix and it went on to the French, British, German, Dutch, Italian and the Argentine Grand Prix in 1953 covering most of Europe and Argentina.

Michael Schumacher (7 Consecutive Race Wins)

The third name on this list needs no introduction at all as he is one of the greatest ever along with Lewis Hamilton and this man had an impressive streak of race wins more than once in his glorious career. This streak of 7 race wins started in 2004 and it started at the European Grand Prix and it went on to Canadian, United States, French, British, German and Hungarian Grand Prix and the fans all over the world got to see his greatness for years.

Nico Rosberg (7 Consecutive Race Wins)

The fourth driver on this list is a very talented driver who has also won the F1 Championship in the season where he was on this winning streak. It was one of the most special feats of his career and this incredible run for him started in 2015 from the Mexican Grand Prix and it went on to the Brazilian and Abu Dhabi grand prix in 2015 and then in 2016 he extended his streak in the Australian, Bahrain, Chinese and Russian Grand Prix. Hopefully he can win another F1 championship soon.

Michael Schumacher (6 Consecutive Race Wins)

The greatest Michael Schumacher finds another place in this illustrious list where getting in once is a huge feat and he has done it twice. This winning streak started in 2000 with the Italian, United States, Japanese and Malaysian Grand Prix and then in 2001 he won the Australian and the Malaysian Grand Prix to make it 6 in a row.

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