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Top 5 F1 Drivers with the most wins at the same Grand Prix

In this article, check out the top 5 F1 drivers with most wins at the same Grand Prix. Top 5 spots in this list are only occupied by two drivers. but those two are two of the greatest of this sport.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 11.04.2022
Top 5 F1 Drivers with the most wins at the same Grand Prix

We have talked about all sorts of records in Formula 1 but now it is time to talk about an unique record and that doesn’t get talked about a lot and if should be more talked out and it is the drivers with the most wins at the same Grand Prix. This is very strange to explain to someone who is not an F1 fan but for some drivers there are some race circuits that are more well suited than the others and they often win at those Grand Prix.

Let me give a spoiler that the Top 5 spots in this list are only occupied by two drivers but those two are two of the greatest of this sport and the fact that they have more than 1 race circuit where they have won record number of races says a lot about their greatness and their adaptability and that’s why they are the best of the best. So , let’s see how many times have these Drivers won at the same Grand Prix.

Michael Schumacher – French Grand Prix (8 Times)

It looks like Michael Schumacher loved France a lot and especially racing in France because to win 8 races in the same circuit is astonishing considering the fact that winning 8 races in their whole careers might be a big achievement for a lot of the drivers out there and for him to just go to France year after year and win that Grand Prix says a lot about how much Michael Schumacher enjoyed that track and the fans over there have been used to seeing this man win there every time. He has won there in 1994,1995,1997,1998,2001,2002,2004 and 2006.

Lewis Hamilton- Hungarian Grand Prix (8 Times)

The second driver on this list is the current greatest and maybe the best ever as he has won a grand prix which is so far from his home and where the fans are not always on his side is staggering and this proves that he is such a special driver and to do it even now after so many years behind him and his age as well is quite remarkable. Lewis Hamilton has won this Grand Prix in 2007,2009,2012,2013,2016,2018,2019 and 2020.

Lewis Hamilton – British Grand Prix (8 Times)

This is his home ground prix and all the fans over there are crazy for him and he never disappoints them as most of the years he is the one with the winners podium and all the fans go crazy when he wins over there and he is not finished and it looks like he could win there again this year to create a new record. He has won this Grand Prix in 2008,2014,2015,2016,2017,2018,2020 and 2021. He can win it for the 9th time this year and be at the top of this list.

Michael Schumacher – San Marino Grand Prix (7 Times)

The fourth on this list is once again the great Michael Schumacher and this time we will talk about his greatness in the San Marino Grand Prix and he has been absolutely dominant in this race as well and he had given the other drivers no chance of winning this race whenever he was racing here and the fans absolutely loved him and looked forward to him racing there. He has won this Grand Prix in 1994,1999,2000,2002,2003,2004 and 2006. Truly an extraordinary driver in the history of Formula 1.

Lewis Hamilton – Canadian Grand Prix (7 Times)

The fact that this is the third Grand Prix of Lewis Hamilton that is on this list is enough to show all of us why he is the best ever. To have such consistency across race circuits and the fact that he has been so dominant in a wide variety of race tracks shows us that he is adaptable to any situation and can come out on top. He has won this Grand Prix in 2007,2010,2012,2015,2016,2017,2019 and maybe he can win this race in the coming years as well.

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