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F1: Vettel apologises to Verstappen after British Grand Prix crash

The British Grand Prix finished with a disappointing crash between Vettel and Verstappen. Vettel was quick to apologise to Verstappen after the race.  

Abhranil Roy
Last updated: 16.07.2019
Vettel apologises to Verstappen after British Grand Prix crash

Four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel crashed into Max Verstappen’s car in the British Grand Prix last Sunday. In doing so, the German not only wrecked his Ferrari but also was handed a 10-second penalty and two points were added to his license. Visibly embarrassed by his “misjudgment”, Vettel was quick to apologize to Verstappen after the incident.


What happened to Vettel and Verstappen exactly?


The duo were embraced in a gripping fight for the third spot until Lap 37, where Verstappen made an incredible move outside the Stowe corner to overtake Vettel for the final podium spot.


However, the Dutchman started losing a bit of momentum following the overtake and the German figured he had an opening to exploit. As Verstappen had been dragged a bit wide during the overtake, Vettel decided to go for the gap which was not really there. He realized that soon, but it was too little too late as, despite braking, his Ferrari slammed right into the Red Bull’s backside sending both the drivers into a wild spin.


Verstappen did manage to recover, although in his own words he did not know “how he did it”. The Red Bull racer finished fifth while his German compatriot finished sixteenth.


What did Vettel say to Verstappen?


Vettle collides with Verstappen

In the parc ferme after the race, Vettel was spotted going up to Verstappen and speaking to him and eventually, the duo had a handshake. Speaking to the media post the race, Vettel said,” Obviously I got passed on the way to Stowe and he ran a bit wide, so I was able to get a better exit out of 15,” “Then from my point of view it looked like he was giving a bit of room on the inside, so I wanted to go for that.

“But by the time I went that gap closed again and then it was too late. I tried to go back to the right – but it was too late to avoid him and the crash.”

“In the end, it's my mistake.

I also spoke with Max afterward, but obviously, he was a bit faster and closing quite quickly and passed very easily before Turn 15. But then ran a bit wide, so I thought I could sneak back. But as I said I thought there was a gap that then turned out to not be there. It's a misjudgment from my side.”

Verstappen spoke the same as well, stating,” I guess he misjudged his braking in there - but I already spoke to him, he apologized to me immediately out of the car, and that's it. It's disappointing but you can't change it now.”


Author’s take


Formula One is in itself an extremely competitive sport and it is natural to expect racers to go at one other even if they presume the possibility of the tiniest of rooms. It is what makes the sport exciting, and accidents like these are more likely to happen than not. It was a callous mistake from Vettel but he admitted and apologized for the same so that should close the chapter, once and for all.


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