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Top 7 Youngest F1 Drivers to start a F1 Race

There have been many drivers who have faced their first F1 race when they were very young. Here we look at the top 7 youngest F1 drivers to start a F1 race.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 17.03.2022
Top 7 Youngest F1 Drivers to start a F1 Race

After writing a lot of articles on Cricket and WWE ,now we are writing articles on Formula 1 as it is one of the most popular sports across the world and a lot of people follow it and the drivers are exceptional and the last season was one of the best ever and in a few days the new F1 season will start so we are here building up to the start of the first race.

There have been many drivers who have faced their first F1 race when they were very young and some of these drivers have gone on to become some of the best drivers in the history of the sport. This also shows that these drivers were good enough to start a race at such a young. So, let’s see which are the Top 7 Youngest F1 Drivers to start a F1 Race.

Max Verstappen (17 Yrs and 166 Days)

Max Verstappen is the youngest driver to ever start a F1 Race and it is fitting that he is number 1 and he started racing since 2015 and he only got better and better as the time went along and he won his first Grand Prix in 2016 just one year after starting a race so that shows how talented he was and just last year he was one of the youngest to win a F1 championship in the most dramatic of finishes and the sky's the limit for this young and uber talented driver and he will be the favorite this season as well.

Lance Stroll (18 Years 148 Days)

Lance Stroll is another very talented driver who made his debut in the year 2017 and he was just 18 years old and everyone was able to see how talented he is and someone who is just getting  better and better and in the last season he was in the podium position a lot of times and it is hoped that the 2022 season will be much better and he can win some grand prix as well.

Lando Norris (19 Years 124 Days)

Lando Norris is the third youngest driver in F1 history to start a F1 race and he also like Lance Stroll is one of the most talented drivers in the world and he started racing in the year 2019 and he had started in almost all races since that time and he is expected to win a lot of races this year and maybe win a championship in a few years to come.

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Jaime Alguersuari (19 Yrs and 125 Days)

This particular driver became the fourth youngest driver in F1 history by just one day as Lando Norris debuted just one day younger to him. He started racing In the year 2009 with the Hungarian Grand Prix and he was a replacement driver that day. He faced for 5 years till 2024 although he was not able to do much in his F1 career.

Mike Thackwell (19 Yrs 182 Days)

OK, it's asterisk time. While the official record shows Mike Thackwell with his first and only Formula 1 race start coming in the 1984 F1 Canadian Grand Prix at the age of 23, he was in a car at the start of that same race four years earlier. Driving for Tyrrell in Canada, Thackwell started the 1980 race. That one, however, was red-flagged after a first-lap crash, and the race was eventually restarted from the beginning. Thackwell, however, was pulled from the ride, and it was given to teammate Jean-Pierre Jarier, whose car was knocked out of the race in the crash.

Ricardo Rodriguez (19 Yrs 208 Days)

Ricardo Rodríguez had future stars written all over him when he qualified second and made his first start at Monza for Ferrari in 1961. He was not only the first teenager to start a Formula 1 race but is still the youngest Ferrari factory driver to accomplish the feat. He started Four races for Ferrari in 1962 and he finished in the Top 10 a good 3 times.

Fernando Alonso (19 Yrs and 218 Days)

Without a doubt, Fernando Alonso is the most successful F1 driver in history to get his start in the series as a teenager. He kicked off his career for Minardi at the 2001 season-opening Australian Grand Prix. He finished 12th in his first start and scored his first top 10 at Hockenheim in his 12th career start. His first win came in Hungary in 2003, in career start No. 30. Alonso won 32 races in his career and championships in 2005 and 2006.

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