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5 brave predictions for AEW in 2024

Let’s look at the 5 brave predictions for AEW in 2024. AEW has been a wrestling promotion for over 4 years now and 2024 could prove to be the best year in history.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 18.12.2023
5 brave predictions for AEW in 2024

After doing the article for WWE 2024 predictions, now it is time to look into the Predictions for AEW in the year 2024. Tony Khan would hope that AEW has a much better year then 2023 and more ups than downs. AEW has been a wrestling promotion for over 4 years now and it has its own fanbase but it is struggling to reach a million viewers every week on their premier show Dynamite. AEW is full of some of the best in the world and 2024 could prove to be the best year in history. Let’s look at the 5 brave predictions for AEW in 2024

AEW 2024 Predictions List

MJF will resign with AEW for 5 Years

The first prediction is that the reigning World Champion MJF will sign with the company for another 5 years. He has been the best booked star in the company and there is no reason that he should go anywhere else. He will be the face of AEW for a long time and he will become one of the biggest wrestling stars in 2024 while holding the AEW World Championship for most of next year. MJF is like Roman Reigns or AEW just that he is more active. He will earn millions of dollars every year as well in this new contract

Christian Cage vs Adam Copeland will headline a major AEW PPV 

AEW and Tony Khan would be foolish to not do this. They are the 2 biggest legends in AEW after Sting retires next year. These 2 have faced each other on an episode of Dynamite but that was not a proper match. These 2 deserve a feud which is built for months and then it culminates in an epic clash at one of the major PPVs. These 2 will lean into their history and make this very personal which would be peak TV and with Seth Rollins vs CM Punk in WWE, Tony Khan would want something to go up against that as well where the fans respect both the wrestlers and are invested

The Women will headline All In at Wembley stadium

This is a bold prediction and this is something that every fan who loves the company and loves AEW wants to see happen. The women have not been booked equally as the men and this has been one of the things that has let down AEW a lot this year. The women are some of the best such as Toni Storm, Kris Statlander, Julia Hart, Britt Baker, Hikaru Shida, Rubi Soho, CJ Perry and many others. In 2024, Tony Khan will shock everyone when he says the women will main event All In. This would be a huge positive for the company. 

Some Wrestlers will leave AEW for WWE

This is a prediction which is tough to make but it is a reality. A few of the wrestlers in AEW have seen the way WWE is growing under the leadership of Triple H and they want to be a part of the growth story and work in a fun and professional environment. And especially after the return of CM Punk and the signing of Jade Cargill in 2023, 2024 will see more stars such as Andrade, Aleister Black, Keith Lee and others who might want to go back. There will be some who will sign new deals with AEW again. It will be interesting to see what happens.

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