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Is Tony Khan too immature to be an owner of a wrestling promotion?

Tony Khan is the owner and creative head of AEW. He is the head of the second biggest promotion in the world. Let’s talk about whether Tony Khan is too immature to own AEW.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 13.10.2023
Tony Khan who is the owner of AEW 

Tony Khan is the owner and creative head of AEW. He is the head of the second biggest promotion in the world and therefore the conduct that he possesses is very important because people relate to the product as an extension of the owner because he is the main man behind AEW. And therefore he should be as mature as possible because situations will come that are challenging. 

Let’s talk about whether Tony Khan is too immature to own AEW

Tony Khan should act like an owner and a creative head 

Tony Khan had become a fan favorite when he first started his promotion because it was seen as the alternative to WWE and at that time WWE was not in a good place creatively. Vince McMahon was running things in WWE and the WWE superstars were not happy with the creative direction of the company. AEW was like a breath of fresh air and talent like Cody Rhodes, Chris Jericho, Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks and so many others had an energy that they wanted to be something different and the fans rallied behind them and made them the second biggest wrestling promotion in the world. Tony Khan was hands on but he was smiling and he was ready to work hard and he was mature. 

Then the Wednesday night Wars started between AEW and NXT and AEW was beating NXT every week and Tony Khan was having a great time. Everything was going well until Triple H was made the head of WWE creative in 2022 July and Shawn Michaels was made the creative head for NXT. This meant that Vince McMahon was no longer involved in making decisions. This was the starting point where Tony Khan started to lose It as he kept taking shots at WWE and saying bad things about the 2 Hall of Famers. Triple H changed the fans” perspective and they became extremely positive towards WWE and Tony Khan could not see that. He was going to his Twitter and he would say that it was War between WWE and AEW whereas the others say that there is nothing like that. 

The tipping point was recently when Shawn Michaels started turning the tide of NXT around as he kept giving women more matches and he booked all his stars perfectly and Tony Khan was becoming lazy in his booking of the product. A look at Booking of Tony Khan in AEW so far . And he was getting more angry day by day and saying bad things about WWE all the time. The ratings of AEW Dynamite are consistently going down and the fans are bored seeing the same style of Matches. The ratings of NXT have gone up and they have reached 800,000 viewers. The latest episode was the Tuesday Night War between NXT and AEW Dynamite and this is where Tony Khan showed that he is too immature to own a wrestling promotion. He was trying everything he could to beat NXT instead of focusing on his product. The fans should have a go and look at his Twitter account and they will get to know how mature he is. Competition is always a good thing as long as it’s healthy. 

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