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Habit Based Nutrition – Eat Healthy Fats Daily

The habit-based nutrition is based on 5 parameters which are known as the' Five Habits'. Out of the 5 habits, the 3rd Habit is- 'Eat Healthy Fats Daily'.

Last updated: 18.07.2019
Habit Based Nutrition – Eat Healthy Fats Daily | Sports Social Blog

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As mentioned in the earlier two blogs which are related to the Habit Based Nutrition, concerning the Booklet from the International Sports Science Association, the Habit Based Nutrition is divided into 5 Habits. Out of which 2 I have already posted, it someone wants to view it again, they can check it out on the website. The earlier two habits which were mentioned are:

1.    Eat Every 2 – 4 hours

2.    Eat Complete Lean Protein in every meal


Food Habits are majorly recommended to the ones who have kicked start the diet plans or the Level - 2 clients. 

Out of the 5 Habits, the 3rd Habit to be discussed is ‘Eat Healthy Fats Daily’

Most of the individuals, not only in India but around the globe think that Fat consumption leads to obesity and considers it harmful to our health. But every element or a macronutrient has it Good and its Bad side.

Fat is a type of a macronutrient same as the Protein and Carbohydrates and is necessary for certain amounts throughout the daily dietary intake. A lot of individuals come to a low – fat diet without even consulting anyone just because the individual is gaining weight. A non – suggested diet is always harmful and not – impactful as it is not usually recommended based on individual body requirements.

Bad fats are majorly the artificial fats i.e. the Trans Fats which are usually picked up by the fried foods that are usually considered junk in the language is the major factor which adds up to the increased waistline, heart ailments and increased risk of various other dietary issues. Good fats are majorly the unsaturated fats and Omega 3’s have a positive effect on our body. The major advantages of these are they help in to manage an individual’s mood, mental fatigue and various other factors which bring in a positive effect in our body.

It is recommended that 30% of our diet should contain fats for an average individual. But the modifications are alternatively made depending on the calorie count and the daily dietary need which could be varied from about 20% - 30%.

The concept of balanced fat is usually depending on the types of fat which are usually consumed. Fats are usually divided into 3 types:

1.  Unsaturated Fats – They usually help in to improve the blood cholesterol levels, stabilize the heart rate, calms down the body fatigue. Usually, it is obtained from olives, peanuts, nuts, flax seeds, fish, fish oils. Unsaturated Fats are divided into Monounsaturated and Polyunsaturated Fats.

2.   Saturated Fats – Its usually a mix of various fats. It is mainly found in animal foods and few oils like coconut oils, palm oils, etc.

3.    Trans Fats – Usually called Bad Fat.

The Benefits of Omega 3s

It a type of polyunsaturated fat and extremely beneficial for health. The Omega 3s DPA and DHA are obtained in Fish and Algae products and ALA is obtained from plants. It helps in to prevent symptoms of depression, ADHD, provides a solution for curing memory loss, supports to have a healthy pregnancy.

Therefore, low fat or a complete fat reduction is not recommended for individuals who think lowering fat intake is the solution for weight loss. However, a proper recommended diet from a certified nutritionist is the solution here

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