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Why does Ric Flair in AEW make no sense?

Ric Flair should not be in a wrestling ring and certainly not week to week. He is 80 years old and he is not well. Let’s talk about why this was a move that makes no sense at all.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 27.10.2023
Ric Flair at AEW Dynamite 

It had been building for a few weeks that first Sting was going to make an announcement which he did when he said that he would have his last wrestling match at AEW Revolution 2024. Then it was announced that Tony Khan had a gift for Sting which he would unveil to the world at Dynamite. And the fans started speculating as to what might that be, some thought that he would be the first AEW Hall of Famer, some thought that he would get to have any match of his choosing. However the reveal was a downer as Ric Flair was revealed as the gift.

Let’s talk about why this was a move that makes no sense at all 

Ric Flair was not needed in AEW

Tony Khan could have given Sting anything but the thing he chose was one of the most senseless booking decisions in the recent past. Ric Flair should not be in a wrestling ring and certainly not week to week. He is 80 years old and he is not well. Ric Flair himself should have said no but the money would have been too much to say no to. Tony Khan made his announcement a disappointing one and Sting has said that Ric Flair will be by his side for the next few months. The fans do not like Ric Flair very much because of the behavior outside the ring. He has been accused of sexual assault. 

Even WWE did not use Ric Flair much in these last few years because they knew that anything could happen to him and it would be prudent if he is only used for special occasions. Whenever WWE wants to put over Charlotte Flair, they would call Ric Flair to appear on TV and he would put over his daughter. That was the perfect use of him. Tony Khan should have brought out Ric Flair only for 1 week and not for 3-4 months. Ric Flair had recently said that he wants to have one more match and the fans are scared that Tony Khan might actually give him that match. That would be one of the dumbest decisions that he has ever taken and so he should not agree to any such request. Having a match at 80 years old could prove to be a health risk. Sting was doing very well on his own and Darby Allen and Edge were there. 

Christian Cage came right after and he rightfully took down Ric Flair in the microphone and he berated Tony Khan for getting Sting this gift. Ric Flair should rest at home and enjoy the fruits of his incredible work that he has put in the Wrestling business for over 50 years. He is the greatest wrestler of all time for the likes of Shawn Michaels, Triple H, The Undertaker, Randy Orton, Batista and so many more. Even Sting considers Ric Flair as the greatest of all time. That legacy should be the one that Ric Flair should preserve and not appear on TV and ruin his decades long legacy and the fans will stop talking about these announcements from Tony Khan seriously because every week it is announced that Tony Khan will make a huge announcement and most of the times it is a let down. Now that Ric Flair is in AEW for the next few months, Tony Khan should make sure that he is as far away from physical contact as possible. 

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