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WWE has 2 incredible Roman Reigns storylines and why this is a good thing?

Roman Reigns has been the greatest champion in professional wrestling in the last 3 decades plus. WWE has 2 incredible Roman Reigns storylines. Here we look at why this is a good thing?

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 15.02.2023
WWE has 2 incredible Roman Reigns storylines and why this is a good thing

Roman Reigns has been the greatest champion in professional wrestling in the last 3 decades plus and that is something that will probably never happen again and if someone tries to copy that they will not have the same impact as Roman Reigns has had during his 900 day reign. There were some amazing challengers who were pitted against Roman Reigns and everyone thought that they were going to be the one but Roman Reigns beat them all.

Since he unified the titles at WrestleMania 38, there have not been too many great opponents for Roman Reigns, one of them was Drew McIntyre at Clash at the castle, then there were Kevin Owens, Logan Paul, Brock Lesnar again but he beat them all. Finally there are 2 guys in Sami Zayn and Cody Rhodes that look like real threats to Roman Reigns and both of these storylines are great. 

Let’s look at the reasons why this is so incredible for WWE:

WWE has 2 real contenders to beat Roman Reigns

This is a statement that the WWE universe thought would never be thought of after WrestleMania 38 because Roman Reigns was on another level and he was unbeatable and the reign could have gone on forever but Triple H through masterful storytelling has made 2 guys that the fans believe can legitimately beat Roman Reigns for the titles. This means that the fans would cheer for both guys and want Roman Reigns to go down.

This makes for excellent week to week television

The WWE Universe has seen the brilliant storytelling that has been happening in The Bloodline ever since Sami Zayn was included in The Bloodline and the stock of everyone went up and Sami Zayn became a superstar. Week after week The Bloodline would come out and have a great segment and Sami Zayn would make them laugh and the fans had so much fun. This continued for 9 months and it just kept getting better and while Cody Rhodes was absent from WWE TV, Sami Zayn became the biggest face in WWE.

And ever since Cody Rhodes returned and won the Royal Rumble he has been hitting home Runs as last week he had one of the best promo exchanges with Paul Heyman and then this week he topped it with his in ring exchange with Sami Zayn. And there are still more than 40 days left to WrestleMania and the stories will only keep getting better.

Elimination Chamber becomes a must watch PPV

Generally the PPV event in February which is just before WrestleMania is considered not that important but that is not the case this year as Sami Zayn challenges Roman Reigns for the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship and every WWE fan will be watching this match because this will be the climax of the Sami Zayn vs Roman Reigns story and after this Raw Sami Zayn looks more confident and the event being held in Montreal is adding to the story as the home fans of Sami Zayn will be loud. The Bloodline night gets involved and 2 WrestleMania matches might be made.

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