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Why Miz is the best Intercontinental Champion in the PG Era

The present Intercontinental Champion is 'the architect' Seth Rollins. He won the title from none other than the Miz at WrestleMania 34.

Last updated: 20.06.2018
Miz the best intercontinental champion | Sports Social Blog

The Intercontinental Championship is one of the most prestigious titles in the WWE. Currently, it is hosted by the RAW brand. The present Intercontinental Champion is 'the architect' Seth Rollins. He won the title from none other than the Miz at WrestleMania 34. The title has changed hands several times, let us understand why Miz is the best IC Champion in the PG Era.


The Intercontinental Champion was regarded as a sidekick in either of the brands. It was not given its due and was never given any main-event slots. However, the entire scenario changed when the title landed on Miz's hands and he became the IC Champion.


Miz is an eight times Intercontinental Champion. In terms of the number of reigns, he is second on the list behind Chris Jericho (9 times). Miz held the title for a combined number of 599 days and is just second on the list behind the legendary Pedro Morales. In the future, he is very likely to break this record and become the longest reigning Intercontinental Champion ever in the history of the WWE.


The PG Era in the WWE is very watchful and does censor anything slightly provocative. Hence, it takes a lot of skill to deliver outstanding promos and in-ring performances. Miz had perfected that art is outstanding with the microphone. He has a grandiloquent verbose and can squash anybody with his words. Hi Miz TV is also entertaining.


Miz has time and again reiterated that he is the one who brought limelight to the Intercontinental Championship. Previously Intercontinental Championship matches used to be boring. However, Miz as a champion used several under-hand tactics to retain his title and it was loved by the WWE Universe.


Miz has always performed as a heel and this has worked in his favor. It was perhaps the first time, a villainous champion used to get more cheers than a babyface challenger. The story-lines he used to put forth has helped WWE garner high viewerships and increase in TRP. Miz knows how to connect with the audiences and has done a commendable job so far.


He has defeated several superstars as the IC Champion, including Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and several others. He along with Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel formed the Miztourage. The trio under the guidance of Miz took out several superstars and was one of the most brutal and entertaining forces on RAW. They helped Miz retain and defend his title many times.


All of these factors put together strengthens the argument that Miz was an outstanding Champion. In the PG Era, no other Intercontinental received so much of fame and attention as Miz did. Currently he is competing on SmackDown owing to the draft, however, we firmly believe it is just a matter of time before he gets his hand on the Intercontinental Championship once again.

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