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List of WWE Superstars released after TKO Merger

Check out the list of WWE Superstars released after TKO Merger. A total of 21 WWE Superstars have been released from the main roster and NXT on 22nd sept 2023.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 25.09.2023
List of WWE Superstars released after TKO Merger

Yesterday was easily the most newsworthy day of the year for WWE. First the WWE Elimination Chamber show for 2024 was announced at Optus Stadium in Perth in front of 70,000 fans. Then the fact that SmackDown will move back to the USA Network from October 2024 which will be talked about soon. However the biggest and the most unfortunate news that was out was the fact that a lot of WWE and NXT Superstars were released as part of the new TKO launch. These days are the hardest for the WWE talent as well as the fans. Nobody likes seeing anyone lose their jobs

Let’s look at the list of WWE superstars released after TKO Merger

  • Mustafa Ali

  • Emma

  • Rick Boogs

  • Aliyah

  • Elias 

  • Top Dolla

  • Riddick Moss

  • Shelton Benjamin

  • Dolph Ziggler

  • Quincy Elliot

  • Bryson Montana

  • Dana Brooke

  • Mace

  • Mansoor

  • Dabba Karo

  • Shanky

  • Yulisa Leon

  • Daniel McArthur

  • Kevin Ventura Cortez

  • Alexis Gray 

  • Brooklyn Barlow

A total of 21 WWE Superstars have been released from the main roster and NXT. This has been the most brutal list of releases ever. WWE have released talent in bulk before but they were at most 12 WWE superstars but there were more shockers. Superstars like The Iconics, Buddy Murphy, Keith Lee, Emma and so many more were released before. The hope is that no more WWE superstars released for years to come and this had to be done because of the merger

A few of the WWE Superstars have to be talked about because they have been so good for WWE

Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler is easily the biggest WWE Superstar who has been released. This was a shocker because he has been with WWE for almost 20 years and he has had more than 1500 Matches for WWE. He has been one of the best wrestlers and he has won all the championships in WWE. It looks like he will retire and go to comedy.

Mustafa Ali

This was also a name that was absolutely shocking. Mustafa Ali was booked to compete against Dominik Mysterio at NXT No Mercy next week and the news of his release is a shocker to everyone. He was the first WWE superstar to announce his departure from WWE and at the time the fans did not know what was coming. He was unable to win a championship in WWE


Elias was one of the hottest acts in WWE a few years ago and he has back to back WrestleMania spots with John Cena. He was getting booed out of every arena in 2018 and beyond. Suddenly all his momentum was halted and this release WWE sadly expected because he was not seen on WWE TV. Elias will be an asset to any company. 

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