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Top 5 Best Performances of Kidambi Srikanth

Check out the top 5 best performances of Kidambi Srikanth. Kidambi Srikanth is also one of the most humble stars in Indian sports and rising Indian badminton stars.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 15.09.2022
Top 5 Best Performances of Kidambi Srikanth

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We are here with another best performance article about another great Indian Sportsperson who does not always get the credit he deserves so we will try in this article to tell our readers about this excellent badminton player who has come into the limelight recently and is hopeful will stay for a long period of time. Kidambi Srikanth is also one of the most humble stars in Indian sports and this is one quality which I like a lot about him.

Before we get into the Top 5 Best Performances I just want to say I would love to see Kidambi Srikanth win an Olympic Medal in 2024 and get better with each passing tournament. He has all the tools and a young Lakshya Sen who I am sure motivates him to do better. So, with that being said let’s look at his Top 5 Best Performances.

2021 World Championship Men’s Singles Silver Medal


The best performance in the career of Kidambi Srikanth came last year at the World Championship where he was playing at his heat and he won all the matches leading into the all Indian semi final against Lakshya Sen and it was an incredible match where Kidambi Srikanth lost the first set but won the next 2 to reach the final. He unfortunately lost the final in 2 sets byr this was the crowning achievement in his career till now and he will look to better it in the upcoming World Championship.

2022 Thomas Cup Champion

This is an achievement that had never been done in the history of Indian badminton and this was the win that put Indian Men’s Badminton on the map and other than our women , the men could also win big time major tournaments. India were not expected to win this but they fought and Kidambi Srikanth was an important member of the team winning every match that he played and in the all important Final his was the deciding match and he won it in style to give India a slice of history.

2018 Commonwealth Games Men’s Singles Silver Medal

Kidambi Srikanth had the best performance in the Commonwealth Games in 2018 where he finished second and he played so well throughout the competition. He won every match and in the semi final he won his match in 2 sets but lost in the final to Lee Chang Wei in a 3 set classic and he got a great Silver Medal for India. This was a show of courage and determination from the then young Kidambi Srikanth.

2022 Commonwealth Games Men’s Singles Bronze Medal

In the recently concluded Commonwealth Games Kidambi Srikanth won another medal and this time it was the Bronze Medal and he was so disappointed in himself after he let the team down in the mixed team event and then to come back in this fashion and to win a medal for India puts this performance in this list. Kidambi Srikanth in the semi final was facing a better opponent who beat him in 3 sets but in the Bronze Medal match he beat his Singapore opponent in 2 sets to win the Bronze Medal which I am sure would mean a lot to him. Now only the Gold Medal is left at the Commonwealth Games for Kidambi Srikanth.

2018 Commonwealth Games Mixed Team Gold Medal

The last performance of Kidambi Srikanth that we will be talking about is the Gold Medal that India won in the 2018 edition of the Commonwealth Games against Malaysia and here Kidambi Srikanth was a very important part of this team as he used to play in the men’s singles part of the match and he won every match that he played in and in the final he won his match and helped India win the Gold Medal. Kidambi Srikanth will achieve a lot more and we will add more things in this list in the future.

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